(edible) Greek Yogurt Smoothie

18 July 2012

JUST vat thee internetters need: another original smoothie recipe. What can I say? I've got lots of original bones in my bod. 

I'm trying to be a little bit of a healthier eater but it's really hard when I have the worst produce purchasing luck in the history of produce purchasing. While I was recovering from Simon's Saturday shift on Sunday -- I couldn't be bothered with fortifying food and just ate handful after handful after handful of Honey Nut Cheerios all day long. Needless to say I thought I was dying of starch and sugar poisoning by nightfall. I decided to try to make myself feel better by drinking a vat of "healthy" sugar via fruit and a generous dollop of (disgusting) Greek Yogurt. If you claim to like Greek yogurt plain I think you are absolutely certifiably insane or just a portly pants on fire liar. Gross.

Gross but look at all that protein packed into the nasty:
And everyone knows that protein makes you a more virtuous person so I'll continue the crusade to semi-healthy eating via Greek yogurt as long as it is peppered with flavorful helpers.

It's always a little bit of a fight when we make smoothies around here because I insist you cannot taste the spinach once it's nicely blended into the other ingredients but Simon very, very, very much disagrees.  So I erred on the side of conservative with the greens, nixed the Chia that he hates and came up with this (this will make one large serving or [obviously] two smallish servings)
Obviously I didn't actually measure these things out (aside from the packet -- rough) and fruit is fruit and I am no authority on anything at all and smoothies are hard to screw up but I think that:
1. bananas are essential
2. some type of yogurt is essential
3. if you're going the Greek yogurt route - a sweetener is essential
4. you should not use ice
5. milk not water (we use almond bc Julia rules our lives and dairy + Julia = awful)
6. I really don't know anything

How do all those Pinterest peeps make smoothie makings in blenders look appetizing?
That is one talent I do not possess. At all.

Have I typed enough about a stupid smoothie? I think so.

How about I leave you with the requisite photo of a naughty child post smoothie attack ...
feigning innocence and ask-telling me, "happened?"


  1. That smoothie looks great, but you promise that you can't taste the spinach? That's something I've always wanted to try, but been too chicken to execute! :)

  2. I make something like this almost every morning! I use kale and almond milk though with the yogurt.

  3. My pants aren't even warm and I promise I love the plain Greek stuff. It took some time and lots of backsliding, but I'm a convert. In fact, blueberries, the plain Greek stuff, and cheerios in a bowl is my favorite morning food. That said. . .do this: 1/2 cup of the plain Greek stuff (for the protein value), 1/2 tsp. of cocoa (for the chocolate value), and a packet (or two) of Splenda (or other sweetener. . .honey. . .sugar. . .truvia, etc.). Mix it. Dip strawberries in it. Be healthy and gradually you will be convinced you like it.

  4. I heart spinach. The spinachier, the better.
    I also love plain Greek yogurt.

    Kidding on the plain yogurt. Greek or any other nationality. It's all grosser than gross.

    But not kidding on the spinach.
    I'll try it, but probably swap out the not-sugar sweetener for something healthier.
    Like wine.

  5. I'll fess up - I LOVE the Greek stuff, too! My fav thing to do is eat it either with a little spoonful of honey stirred in, or a spoonful of sugar-free jam - any fruity flavor will do. But I do eat it plain pretty much anywhere I would put sour cream. And I love it in smoothies. I have a super-blender that my hubby graciously splurged on for my birthday several years ago and when that sucker blends a fruit smoothy, it's blended but good. And I always toss in some spinach. you can also throw a cucumber in there - once it's mashed to smithereens, you can't taste that either.

  6. I need to start making these for Ellen. She willn't eat protein. At all. She's only 12 mos old and she already throws tantrums at dinner. Help. I put protein source after protein source in front of the child who promptly throws it on the floor saying, "No!"

    Looks like it smoothie time. If she won't eateth it, she with drinketh it.

  7. That's about what I do for a smoothie! I use spinach, but if I get too much I can taste it. I actually don't need the sweetener, but I won't argue if someone thinks my tastebuds are defective. I actually like greek yogurt, and particularly Fage, but it has to have fruit in it. That is a classic picture of Julia!

  8. You totally can't taste the spinach. I eat a smoothie/shake daily with the following: 2/3 scoop of chocolate protein powder, big handful of baby spinach leaves, handful of frozen fruit, healthy scoop of plain greek yogurt, some milk or water to make it blendy. Its sweet but not too sweet, chocolaty and fruity!

  9. i don't mind greek yogurt plain because I think it tastes EXACTLY like sour cream which is perfection. also my mom raised us on plain yogurt only. it got old for every single meal but what can you do.

  10. I just love Julia and her "happened?" business. I am going to start making that my "sorry" prayer. Coming from her probably a bit cuter though.

  11. Joey went on a rare (for him) protein strike at dinner the other night and I ceded the battle but straight up annihilated him in the war. Banana + yogurt + coconut milk + his jilted salmon into the blender = 1 smug toddler drinking a smoothie for dinner. And thinking he won. Sucker.

  12. Joey went on a rare (for him) protein strike at dinner the other night and I ceded the battle but straight up annihilated him in the war. Banana + yogurt + coconut milk + his jilted salmon into the blender = 1 smug toddler drinking a smoothie for dinner. And thinking he won. Sucker.

  13. So do you like plain yogurt if it's not Greek? I can do plain yogurt of any kind, but I'll admit, the spinach scares me.

  14. i think you must have hacked into my blog, read my scheduled posts, and copied my smoothie post because OBVIOUSLY i'm the only other person in the world to blog about smoothies with yogurt and spinach. obviously. and give up the greek yogurt and eat trader joe's plain, non-fat european style instead. requires no truvia when mixed with fruits.

  15. HAHAAA!! Julia's face is classic :) And the dark berry vampire stash and your accent go well together. I packed away my blender 2 weeks ago so my house looks spacious and thus - more desirable. Oh how I long for a smoothie....with vodka...

  16. I've found when I've gotten the plain Greek yogurt instead of the vanilla by accident of course, that adding vanilla (like a tsp) to the blender makes it sweeter, without adding any sweetener. Just fyi.

    Eating Greek yogurt plain is like eating sour cream. Yuck.

  17. Have you tried using a greens powder instead of fresh spinach? If I use it in smoothies with berries, hubby can't even taste it. I have also not told him that I put it in, which probably helps.

  18. Simon is full of it, you so can not taste the spinach. Kale on the other hand just makes it taste like a healthy smoothie. Yuck.

    Adrian loves smoothies which is awesome because he'll pretty much drink ANYTHING I put in it. Even if it tastes healthy and disgusting he wants more.



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