Julia refuses

10 July 2012

to believe that this is her dear mother circa 1980something. She stubbornly insists that it is either:
a) herself (ju-we-uh) or
b) Jesus (gee-iz) or
c) herself or
d) Jesus or
e) herself or
f) Jesus

I decided to be an adult, stop fighting the toddler, and just shoot my (one) daily smile in the direction of her stupidity instead. Yes, it's been a wildly productive day around Camp Pleasant.

ps the happiest post you'll read today


  1. What kind of Jesus pictures have you been showing her?

  2. Whatever the kids guess about old pictures, I just say "yup". At least you tried to set her straight at first....

    Loved the link! Thank you!

  3. I follow her blog, and her sister at Testosterhome. I've been cyber-stalking all week to get the latest pictures and news. Best news EVER!

  4. Nat kept pointing a zebra in a book yesterday and saying, "Dada!" Dan was flattered, of course.

  5. In Julia's defense, she does look A LOT like you. :)

    So So SO Happy for the Hendersons!!

  6. Holy twinners batman. Julia is mini Grace!

  7. Haha this DOES look like a vintage-like Julia. So cute!

  8. You can't really blame her for mistaking her, and yourself, for our Lord and Savior. With her angelic disposition, she probably gets that a lot.

  9. She is totally your mini me! So stinkin' cute!

  10. thanks for sharing that happy post!!!! i have chills!!!!!!!!

  11. I would take it as a compliment! She thinks you (and herself) look like Jesus! So precious. She's sees the Jesus in you :)



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