16 July 2012

a. after she learned the important lesson: worms found outside are to be seen and not eaten
b. our daily bib war - jerkface wins every single time

a. sadface rocks his school uniform
b. tattling on Sebastian for his crimes: "faw down!" and "cry!"

a. new specs in a dimly lit room. I think they might be too small.
b. a stretch

a. big man in the hospital cafeteria
b. little visit in the middle of hellshift

a. Sebastian's got pectorals
b. tenacity or stupidity? you decide.

a. Sebastian protects his delicate knees
b. Sebastian gets fresh

a. while the lazybones men slept in -- we sang "Wheels on the Bus" 98 times in a row
b. lazybones in action

I would post more than the million never overdone photos of children than I just did but duty calls. Sebastian is vigorously sucking the life out of a handful of baby wipes so I need to go rescue all involved parties and deep clean the bathroom with the survivors. 

oh, happy day.



  1. Sebastian is suddenly looking so old. They are too cute/hilarious.

  2. oh my gosh, I LOVE the pigtails photo. So dang cute.

  3. I love all of the pictures! I'm sure not all of them were fun in the moment, but they are super cute. "Sebastian gets fresh"... I love it.

  4. I've wanted to drive over and steal See Bass for quite sometime, but the picture of him trying to crawl over whatever that metal object was pretty much sealed the deal.

  5. Oh my, I totally totally love your pics and posts! Thanks so much for sharing!
    (My first time posting - new to the blogging world - saw a link from Dwija's place, and totally can't remember how I got a hold of her blog, but sooooo thankful for finding an online community of moms - this is wonderful!)

  6. I agree with Mrs. Kellerman, that picture did me in as well. Also, love the one of Simon with both kids on hips in scrubs- so cute.

  7. Hilarious! And oddly enough, I appreciate your ability to offer apt tag lines for your photos. Love it!

  8. Great pics, but I'm with them, the crawling over the table thing is my favorite!

  9. I love that tattle face. I'm adopting it.

  10. Totally laughing out loud. Totally.

  11. Little pig tails! SO CUTE!!

  12. Julia has the baste faces! That tattling picture is the best thing I have ever seen. Period.



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