7 Quick Takes

20 July 2012

1. I'm really tempted to dedicate a long post to this new development in the Patton house but I only hate you a little bit and not a lot a bit so I'll just stick to a long take. We moved Sebastian (finally - I know) out of the room next to our room upstairs and down to the room next to Julia's room downstairs. As Simon says, our house is very 'porous' and the gaping holes under the doors and rice paper thin walls make for a really delightful bedtime of alternating screamers trying to outscream each other while I bite my cuticles and ask Simon if he is SURE I can't just go rescue them? ("no!!!") With the exception of the first night (ping pong cries till 3 am) it has gone a lot better than I thought it would. I think moving them into the same teeny room will warrant an entire post. My fingers are already twitching with excitement to pound that one out for you poor souls.

2. Did you watch the Men Tell All episode? Basically Sean is a saint and Chris is a brooding baby that looked like he still wanted to kill Emily because he is ridic. It will be interesting to see if ABC gives Roberto the-maybe-next-bachelor the boot to bring in the obvious crowd favorite Sean. Maybe they could have a smile-off or a nice-off and go from there. And who will it be? Jef or Arie? I think Arie but we'll see soon enough in the insanely long three hour television event of the summer followed by the LIVE After the Finals Rose show, won't we? Don't forget to read my favorite recapper eva.

3. In the running department, I've been running to this song on repeat and ran the entirety of my route yesterday. I blame Jillian Michaels and her crazy shredding for this itsy bitsy miracle but keep in mind that I did (conveniently) forget my watch and the run may have lasted approximately 6 minutes. Maybe. I even briefly entertained joining Cari's 5k craziness but I don't want to get cocky so we'll see how today goes. I'm not hopeful.

4. Thanks to Adrienne and Hallie's recommendation, Simon and I started watching Foyle's War the other night. While it isn't the almighty Downton Abbey, we both thoroughly enjoyed the first (gloriously lengthy) episode and I think you might feel the same way.

5. Speaking of Hallie - I'm going to meet up with her for the first time ever this weekend. Exclamation points abounding. Pray for us as I'm sure it is going to be terrible especially because my kids won't be there. I already feel naked without the clingers.

6. Sebastian's new trick is to stand up, look around and make sure someone is watching, and then plop down and bang the floor to clap for himself (at least that is what I tell my pathetic self). In unrelated news, Julia's new trick is to roll her unimpressed eyes in his direction immediately after his 78th performance of the hour.

7. She has taken to trying to clip his nails
which goes about as swimmingly as you can imagine.

Have a wonderful day.

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  1. ha, that last picture is too funny.

    i totally think Sean is the next bachelor too! he HAS TO BE! he was like the cat who ate the canary with that smile...i bet they picked him!

    way to go with your run! i just recently started running (it's so hard!) and ran almost all of the 5k that i did! it was a color run, and i'm just pretending that i had to take two walk breaks so they could spray me with color, i swear that's the only reason i stopped running. ;)

  2. Siblings are awesome. I hope you have fun with Hallie! And you could absolutely do C25K because it does build up slowly. You might even find yourself a little bored with the pace.

  3. Awwww, you and Hallie getting together - is it ok if I'm a little jealous? Have fun!

  4. Why didn't my last comment post?! Ack. Anyhow, Fun., that song. On repeat in my car on my 12 minute commute to work. can't stop listening. And did you know The Format, before Fun.? Because Ruth and I were groupies.

  5. I know this probably makes me sound like a sadistic bitch but that last picture of Sebastian is adorable.

    Have a great time with Hallie!

  6. Excited about Foyle's War and I'll hold you personally responsible for any disappointment. Also, that Sebastian is an adorable chunk!

  7. The hubby and I love Foyle's War. I need to pull out the DVD's and rewatch them.

    Have a fabulous time with Hallie! May the wine, laughter and remarkable fashion flow...and post lots of photos on instagram! ;-)

  8. Ahhhh The Men Tell All...I think my favorite part of that entire show was when Chris Harrison looks at the camera and assures America that Ryan IS NOT the next Bachelor. Phew! I also hope it's Sean because he's so adorbs but I also hope that they stop doing those awk close-up shots of his tongue sneaking (not so subtly) into his fellow kisser's that reaaaally necessary? I think not.
    And I'm in TOTAL suspense about this Sunday's finale due to this video:
    oh em gee.

  9. I know what you mean about kids rooms being close together with paper thin walls! I think after a while they get used to the noise. Oh, and those pics are adorable!

  10. My guess is Arie too... if she even picks anyone!!!! Could happen...

    And I didn't realize how much I liked Sean til his family came along - they are such pranksters! Oh, and he was so classy when he didn't get a rose. If he were the next bachelor, I would consider watching - as long as like Morgan said, I don't have to watch his tongue awkwardly going down people's throats. Lizard action.

  11. Ugh, Chris drove me nuts. Every time those angry little eyes looked up at the ceiling I wanted to punch him in the face.

  12. Have you seen those Downton Abbey paper dolls? Hee-larious.



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