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24 July 2012

I was fortunate enough to get away this past weekend and enjoy some lovely quality time with Hallie while Simon kindly stayed here on the homestead to watch the minions and sprint further down the road to an earthly sainthood.

a. downtown Nashville
b. nope, not a bowlcut -- just back to my old bunnytail wearing ways
c. pics shamelessly stolen from Hallie

While I was off gallivanting by way of kidless dining, kidless driving, kidless breathing, and even kidless wine tasting ...

(complete with terrible view)

... Superdad kept busy with playground going, Costco braving, grace "everything is fine" assuring, and house cleaning. I was positive he would need an occasional translator for Julia's multiple monosyllabic grunts that mean something specific and important and urgent but of course she was a little angel and made me look like a deranged crazy person for ever complaining about her supposed horrific daytime behavior.

He sent me rubies like this to prove that things were going just swell ...
a. Sebastian about to plunge to his death
b. Julia drinking probable poison

and only managed to get in one (minor, injury-free) car accident on the way to Mass (not the 30 minute hospital Mass -- that he survived!! with both!! kids!!!)

(affection before the accident)

He even went above and far beyond the call of duty and insisted I go watch (deemed by self-proclaimed relationship expert Chris Harrison) "the television event of the summer" (never mind those silly Olympics) the trillion hour Bachelorette finale at a friend's house (where the TV has channels) after I got home on Sunday evening.

While I was there he politely continued to keep me abreast of the kittens' activity and his responsible parenting tactics ...

which was obviously greatly appreciated by his sinfully sweet wife.


  1. Too funny- glad you got some grown-up friend time, much deserved!

  2. hahaha, you guys are too funny. what a sweet hubby, minus all the good natured teasing ;)

    i almost forgot about the television event of the summer, seeing as how they switched their regular night for it!! but, it was all worth the cursing i did about missing the first twenty minutes because she picked JEF! team Jef forever!

  3. I am soooooooooooo happy for you that you got to go. That. Is. Awesome!!! :)

  4. your iphone relationship gives me a very inflated sense of well-being and hope for the future. and I thank you.

  5. Glad you got a well deserved weekend break! Girls' weekends are the best.

  6. What a great post!!!

    And I must add, that at the last pic of the very sweet, *girly* picture of Julia (with Sebastian), my 3-yr-old son pointed at her and asked, "who's that boy?" Men!

  7. So, I guess I'm not the only one on to the 30-minute hospital Mass...

  8. You came to Nashville and didn't see me?! Gahhh. Black list.

  9. 30 minute Mass? Like, a Sunday obligation-fulfilling Mass? Sign. Me. Up.

  10. I'm always a little bit glad when my 2 year old is crazy when my husband is around. It makes me feel less like an insane whiny-baby head when he looks at me and says, "Uh, she's crazy." Sweet justification.

  11. I go to a Sunday Mass here sometimes that my priest affectionately calls the "20 minute miracle" - yes! I mean, I love giving an hour of my Sunday to go to Mass :-/

    I also love that you used the word "gallivanting" - $10 word!

  12. LOVE that last text! Winner of the day.

  13. That cute pic of you & Hallie makes me think, "Salt, salt, salt 'n Pepa, HERE!".

  14. julia...what a schemer. explosive poo when mommy is home, perfect angel for daddy. be careful, i think she's plotting against you.

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  16. what a perfect little weekend break! all of these images are just perfect!
    xo TJ

  17. You two crack me up! I hope you realize your wonderful sense of humor (sarcasm) puts smiles on alot of faces! I truly look forward to notifications of your posts!

    On a slightly unrelated note, confession from a mother of a daughter with no hair, I totally let my daughter sport a mullet for the first two years of her life because it was all the hair she had and I didn't have the heart to cut it! It was so long I could do a "comb over" pony tail and pull it up at the back of her head to make it look like she had a normal ponytail. I think God took pity on her and shortly before her 2nd birthday, He allowed her to grow hair on the rest of her head.
    She'll thank me someday right?



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