7 Quick Takes

06 July 2012

Joining the lovely Jen ... again.

1. Like most mornings I just couldn't seem to get my act together today. I always swear I'm going to trot out the door for our little tour de neighborhood by foot and carriage no later than 8:15(!!!!!!) before the temperature hits 90 degrees or hotter but at 9:00 and 91 degrees I walked into the kitchen from a little 23 second time out to tie my shoes and found both kids gnawing on the two blades of a pair of very sharp (disassembled) scissors. They were physically fine but I seriously worry about their lacking levels of intelligence sometimes.

2. Because of my ridiculously tardy and hellishly hot departure time, my little trots have taken a nose dive in the time/length department. If the trend continues like this, tomorrow I will just have to push the kids out to the curb and right back into the house. 1/983746th of a calorie burned ... just like that.

3. My little toddler parrot has taken to sensing when I am aggravated and blurts out a (not so little) curse before I am able to open my mouth to beat her to the punch. I have only myself, the cars that refuse to yield to me on foot and my young in carriage, and the front door that sticks for lots of minutes before it surrenders and gives way to shelter from the fires of outdoor purgatory to blame. Do I ignore it (Modern Family style) or make a big deal to punish her? Right now I just feel really, really guilty. Role modeldom be mine.

4. Who do you like for Emily Maynard? I like Sean the best but I'm not sure he kills it in the chemistry department like Jef and Arie seem to do. I think skinny jeans hair flap would be best suited for Em. We'll see if she agrees soon enough.

5. Jenna suggested that I do a little 'thrift store linkup'. She was probably kidding but I am going to take her up on the suggestion and put up more clothes next week and hope that you do the same so that I might e-raid your closets. It might just be me and it might just be me and Jenna -- we'll miss you if you choose to not partake in the fun. 

6. Nothing else to say. This post is too word heavy - must post photo.

Here is a life size photo of me and Sebastian (in case you aren't currently wearing your eyeballs or you forgot what we look like) ...
while we bide our time until the dragon stirs from her lair (why why why Sebastian takes shorter naps and requires much less sleep than Julia does will forever baffle me and my teeny little brain). As you can see, he sustained a little injury banging his forehead on the bed rail like he does every afternoon. Creature of habit, I suppose. I know my exaggerated smile was the perfect curing potion as is proven by his almost smile.

7. Fine fine fine - more potty late breaking news. (Yes, I promise to always partake in obnoxious parenting talk always and forever.) After Julia came running with the 'bowl' (?) part of her little potty to show off her accomplishments and spilling most to all of the bowl contents all over the floor and sometimes Sebastian four too many times ... I was tempted to put a stop to the "training" that was saving us all of 28 cents a day on diapers. But when my nose detected that something was not right in the state of the guest bedroom's pungent odor and my eyes FINALLY found the offending party camouflaged on top of one of her little books next to the tipped over and abandoned bowl -- I put a permanent moratorium on the training until she reaches the age of smart -- which is probably when she turns 10 or maybe 12. I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see.

Have a nice weekend. Don't lose your cool. Or do - I'll never know.


  1. No worries in the potty training area. Mine just go in, sit down, stare at me for a while, announce they're "done", wander off naked, and go pee on my bed, so..... Looks like I'll have three kids in diapers come September. Yaaaaaay!!!!...not

  2. She will let you know when she is ready...and if not...well, there are always depends. :)

  3. Def. not Jef, his comments on what he thinks being a parent is going to be like are obnoxious. Since Arie lived with that lady with kids, he probably has a better idea. But, I like Sean's sincerity best after that convo when he said he would consider Ricki his. However I think she's going to have too hard of a time letting someone else parent her daughter and it won't work out with whoever she picks.

    Yes, I spend way too much time analyzing the Bachelorette.

  4. i have a coworker who, when potty training her daughter, said she pooped BEHIND THE COUCH DAILY. she didn't like the she shat on the floor.

  5. Oh number 7... I don't blame you. Gross. These are stories you need to share with her future husband one day.

    I hope Emily picks Sean. Although if he runs after her one more time, he loses my vote. Jef with one F is too hipster for her southern charm. And Arie's mom didn't do him any favors.

  6. Oh gosh. My 2-year-old Peter decided to pick up the "F" word during our recent move, in the context of dropping something. As in, "Oh, f---!" As in, drop toy int he middle of the Consecration and loudly exclaim "Oh f---!" So charming, these little ones of ours!

  7. Ugh, hate to say the accidents keep coming. Andrew has had two at other people's houses this week :( I'm more embarrassed than he seems to be...

  8. I seriously have no idea how your entire family is so hilarious. Your stories of the two kids just crack me up! And ugh, my son is 3 and potty training is going horribly. I am so sick of washing all his poopy underwear everyday and just thinking about letting him wear diapers til he's 10.

  9. My boys sometimes get caught saying bad words and we try really hard to not act shocked or phased and just tell them it's not a nice thing to say. Whenever we catch ourselves we apologize.
    About the potty training... I try so hard to be optimistic, but I actually do not look forward to doing it. That's why Rose is only half trained and I started this months ago. I'm bad a sticking with it. I don't like cleaning up the messes or finding them.

  10. Hi, I'm Emily and I am newly addicted to the Bachelorette.

    I like Sean, but not for Emily at all. I agree they seem to lack spark. And he sorta seems to ham it a bit. I also find him boring, sorry! Though I do think he'd make the best new Bachelor. I hope Arie and Jef are final two. And I think Jef suits Emily best. They have a similar way of talking and always seem to play off each other- which is so important when instead of jet setting, you are cleaning the kitchen together. my husband and I are very much like that still and it's flirty and fun. I do really like Arie, and he was my fav for the first half. Yes, I am too invested in this!

  11. Baha... The age of smart. Not sure some people ever reach it... But I have high hopes for Julia. :)

  12. Woop woop! Can't wait to hawk our crap!

  13. Oh man...your kids make me chuckle.

    As for the Bachelorette aka my favorite topic of discussion, while I've always been a fan of Sean, I have recently joined Team Jef. He's like a Hipster Cowboy with his whole gun-shooting gig. I like them just seems natural. I like Arie because there's definitely the chemistry there and he does seem like a good guy but there's just something about him that makes me feel like I can't trust him. Sean's just and tall and all, but I don't think that they fit as well as the other guys.

  14. I watched it for the first time this week and felt disturbed and embarrassed for them all. Is the point of the show to simulate a connection? You can't simulate loving someone and this involved five people doing just that. And I'm no prude, but kissing them all seemed as bad as

  15. (continued from above) having sex with someone you don't love. What part of your dignity are you giving up by engaging in these actions you ultimately din't mean?

    1. I'm not sure. I can't speak from experience since I didn't meet Simon on the Bachelor/ette.

      So, I'm guessing you don't have a favorite?

  16. you crack me up... I hope when I have kids some day I can find as much humor in it all!

  17. I'm going for Jef all the way!!

  18. I hate weekends for the sole purpose that you don't blog.



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