7 Quick Takes

27 July 2012

Joining Jen and bringing down the integrity of allllllll the takes as a whole with my never not trivial contribution. 

1. We'll start out in the big, scary deep end of the pool with a wildly unexciting alteration. I bought these pants on crazy clearance at Old Navy several months ago when I was just so excited to not be wearing maternity clothes anymore. I got them home and faced the reality that they looked like a long skirt with a massive slit down the middle and are basically the pants equiv of culottes. I didn't hate them but I felt silly going to the only two places I venture in public: Costco and the hospital cafeteria wearing them so I just never did. Then I saw that Elaine wore them and looked super cute and thought that mayyyybe I could pull them off ...
nope. and nope.

2. (first take's word count exceeded) The pants fit juuuuust fine (if not a little snug-pinch-my-skin-in-the-side-zipper-tight) in the waist so I just took the bottom 3/4 of the legs in to give you ...
unimpressive and awkward but I think hospital cafeteria appropriate -- if I covered my scando shoulders of course.

And do you want to know how many days it had been since I had washed my locks in that photo? ha. I'll never ever tell ... but they've been washed since. SAHM's honor.

3. Simon and I went to the most delicious tapas restaurant for dinner on Wednesday and I totally outordered him in the drink department with my watermelon basil margarita. I've become a little consumed with thinking about it and might have to consult the omniscient Pinterest for a recipe that will surely match the restaurant's quality while simultaneously calling for something absurd like 2 inedible ingredients. Also, Simon ate a cooked vegetable (three whole brussel sprouts) at dinner. Many exclamation points. Miracle in Saint Louis. I'm sure he is still recovering from the awful.

4. Speaking of food Simon loves, I finally actually made PART of one of Janssen's phenomenal looking recipes. I couldn't commit to the whole insanely delicious salad she posted because we are ordering pizza (what? TGIF) but I did assemble these pecan crusted goat cheese discs:
to accompany the bowls of lettuce I plan to serve. I already know that I will love them and Simon will ask 89 questions before thinks about tasting them. Adventurous palate be his.

5. And praise the blogging gods ... Roxy decided to resurface from the e-dead and post one of her irresistible cupcake recipes this morning. How she makes and eats these sorts of desserts and has no trace of postpartum to speak of will forever be one of my life's great conundrums. Envy be my middle name.

6. Vat did you think of the Bachelorette finale? I was a little disappointed we didn't get the cuticle biting suspense of a helicopter ride and the painfully awkward proposal but I guess I'm happy for Jemily. Arie was a very gracious loser and I hope that Chris-the-ridic was taking notes but he probably didn't as I know his schedule is always filled to the brim with brooding and looking angry. You absolutely have to read this recap. Priceless as always.

7. And I've saved the best for last. Simon's sister Mary got engaged a few weeks ago! Andrew pulled off a pretty elaborate proposal and genuinely surprised her. Are they not the most handsome couple?
They absolutely are. I can't wait for the wedding ... Mary is going to be the most stunning bride. (I have unhealthily high hopes that Julia somehow inherits Mary's gorgeous hair but things, as you know, aren't looking great)

Have a terrible weekend.


  1. why why why ruin perfectly delicious tequila with watermelon? Why?
    I would write more, but The Jude is actually biting my arm. Maybe as some sign that I should stop typing?

  2. So oooooo, I'm not fan if the bachelor shows but for some reason I love the bachelor pad. Maybe it's the corny challenges they do? Do you watch?

  3. Rock that monochrome witch-o bad self. You're going to be that amazing mom who uses her sewing skills to create the most unique Halloween get-ups for your kids. My offspring will have the costumes-in-a-bag. Nothing but the best.

    I have a log-o-goat-cheese from Costco in my fridge just screaming to be crusted and baked. Thank you.

  4. Now I need a margarita. A beer will have to do. Because hubby is home from work so it doesn't matter WHAT time it is. Bwahahahaha!

    Also: couple to be wed = those models in frames that you know are too good looking to actually be a couple. Fer serious!

  5. Wow, those goat cheese discs look great. How very sophisticated.

  6. Oh, goat cheese. I love. Will have to try that. I also love those bachelorette recaps - they make me cry laughing. Check out Jimmy Kimmel's clips about the bachelorette on hulu. So funny.

  7. Love the pants, so very cute.
    That margarita sounds incredible.
    Did Simon's sister go to FUS? Sorry if that is weird/creepy that I am prying, she just looks super familiar and now I am curious if that's how you met?? You just need to write out your story, inquiring minds want to know!!

  8. So happy for Mary! How will J and Bash ever figure out which "Uncle Andrew" they like the best?

  9. Sooooo, let me just tell you this: I'm from Sintra, Portugal and I've stubled upon your blog via Merrick's blog (which I read for sewing inspiration) and I just fell in love with it. Recently, I had to be in the hospital for 7 days and you kept me laughing the whole time! I read your blog "backwards" and I just laughed and laughed. And the thing is... I believe I don't even understand half your jokes (because, obviously, I'm not a native english speaker...!). So, please, please, pleeeeeeeeease keep on writing about whatever you write about, keep that funny spirit alive and do not stop blogging. Ever!

    [And let me also say you have too adorable little devils! So beautiful, both of them! Oh, and Simon? The funniest doc ever! His contribute to the blog (via the "Simon says" series) is just fabulous!]

  10. Honestly, I've practically had to bring to confession the amount of envy I've experienced over Mary's locks. Now I get to be jealous of you that your daughters will get a shot at them! My hair genes come in either no volume or even less volume.

    And I'm going to second Ana and ask for a long, drawn out, and entirely too detailed Simace story. What you've told us hasn't been NEARLY tedious enough to satisfy.

  11. I liked the finale :) I think that Emily was pretty classy with not leading Arie-pants on any more than she had to. The after show was AWK to the WORD though with that journal action... just weird. Arie - dude, be a man. Ah, I guess the women do have ways of breaking hearts.

  12. i actually think those pants are cute, you can totally pull them off!

    and watermelon basil? that sounds so amazing! i bought a basil kitchen cleaning spray from target 'counter top spray' tastes good enough to eat, which is kind of alarming.

  13. This is one of those moments where you're going to be all, "THAT is what you took from this post??"

    So, my hair is long. Not you long, but long. I need to know how you take care of it. It's a big ol' rat's nest when when when I wash it. Snarly city. Also, the little grubby is always yanking it. Tell me your daily hair reg. pleaseandthankyou.

  14. Aw! Thank you for making me and Andrew one of your links, I feel like I'm famous now! We are so excited. Can we come visit? No seriously.

    Also, on a related note to your drinks link, last night Annie Frannie made these DDDDEEEElicious drinks, with muddled basil and strawberry, gin, a little tonic and some raspberry lemonade. So So good.



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