30 May 2011

Plugging along . . .

Breakfast in her summer uniform:

We have precisely one unpacked corner of one room:

I am girl:

And I've successfully made enemies with any active neighbors as I trotted the wrong way and gleaned many a sideways scowl for the entirety of my one mile jaunt on the running path loop thing this am. Sue me. Srsly. Your dog used my calf as a salt lick without asking permish anyway.

Now back to painting the dining room a lovely shade of arbor leaf
(?- simon calls it sea monster) while schooling Julia on the dangers of ancient lead based paint droppings, the practice of temperance and how to sweat prettily. Insanity Olympics around these parts always.

Ah- Simon and I found this to be hilario. We can only hope Julia will be so innovative and convincing as a grown lass.


  1. 1. Love the face in the first pic
    2. Love the corner - hgtv would be proud!
    3. Love Love Love the bow!

    Hope you're lovin' St. Louis! Can't wait to see you all again in a few weeks!

  2. Love the pink bow! Daniel used to send me similar notes! i.e.-When I become a priest, I won't be one by your house.

  3. The bow on Julia--it is the cutest thing ever!



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