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19 May 2011

More photos than you ever cared to lay eyes warned and go away or sit back and enjoy...

The initial travel leg of the trip went smoothly...too smoothly. 
Our flights both landed early, Julia was a little peach for both flights and our bags arrived safe and sound. A little trifecta of miracles. 

We enjoyed some quality time with friends:
Julia shared some intimate moments with a much younger handsome little man:
She and Simon thoroughly enjoyed her first dip:
while Grace found her maternity full arm coverage swimsuit to be a bit cumbersome:
Julia so kindly slept like a legitimate baby in the big girl bed:
Emily was the prettiest graduate:
oops, imposter.
take two for prettiest graduate:
We took some nice family photos with a lovely dread lock backdrop:
 Julia was a real doll:
 (don't be fooled by her fancy finery...Julia's grandma was most definitely donning some nice jeggings the previous evening )

Julia was mostly well-behaved
except when it came to highchair confinement and her two calorie appetizers:
 She randomly met this nice boy that was six pounds her junior and two years her senior and insisted they get to know each other better:
he was polite but understandably unamused

We happened upon this fancy parking lot and took advantage of the great lighting:
moments after we were confused for twins

and sideburns and her man with no escape route in sight:

thennnnnnnnn came the unfortunate trip home.
Just thinking about the story bores me to tears so I won't give the full deets but basically the odyssey was an ugly equation of oversold flights, ticket agent in training giving us boarding passes for an earlier flight, an overnight in Atlanta and of course a serious formula shortage. All is well now though and we have some pods to load, a Simon to graduate and a baby to ultrasound. 

Packing is going um...
Simon is in the lead with 54 boxes packed while Grace trails with 2 little boxes and one trash bag and our slacker 8 month old hasn't done a darn thing.

Simon suggested I give up blogging for this week to which I dramatically and seriously replied that I cannot let down my beautiful and bountiful bouquet of readers..but the blog might be on a nice diet for the next few days...Camp Patton light and fit...if you will. 

Enjoy your day.


  1. Is that blue shirt dress from Target? Because I've tried it on like 6 times and love it but it's just a smidge too short for me and my weirdly long legs that don't actually look all that long.

    Freckles in April

  2. this post is like the pupu platter of posts. so many topics! so many photos! so many laughs and stories! i love it.

  3. J looks like she is really enjoying the packing... I see her trying to flatten an aluminum pie pan so it fits better-I think a retraction for her doing nada is in order!

    P.S. LOVE the swim suit (hers, not yours so much ;))

  4. i was going to ask the same thing about the Target dress. a coworker of mine has it - love it. its all silky and whatnot. emily looks gorgeous, you two do look like twins and julia looks so adorable sleeping in her big girl bed.
    also, i would pay a pretty penny to see grandma bett in jeggings. if any grandma can pull it off, it would be her.

  5. Dying over the amazing lighting in that parking lot shot!

    The kitchen is the WORST, most boxestest room in the house. If you can get past the dagblam kitchen, you're home free :)

  6. 1. Dad and I are getting our fat tummies to the gym.
    2. Love the numerous photos!!!!
    3. Colleen's baby looks just like his sweet mama.
    4. Julia is such a sweet baby!!!
    5. Good luck with the packing.
    6. Dad and I are getting our fat bums to the gym!!!

  7. Just saw this, courtesy of your link. I actually know your imposter- she's my household sister. Thanks for the laugh!



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