01 June 2011

that our life is interesting enough to publish on the old Blogger.

De nada.

The bow has become a permanent fixture whether she likes it or not:

She went to the Arch and only got a photo showing how gift store bonnets size large are no match for her small head:

Simon continues to do handy things around the casita:

We do allow breathers for photo ops in the wild though:

And is it bad that my favorite time of day is when Popeye finallllllllllllllllly falls asleep under the watch of my monster claw?

Off to map out my wild afternoon of Tums popping, closet organizing and nail polishing.

See you from real Internet soon I hope!


  1. Those arches are too cool!! Oh, and please tell Little J that the bow accessory is stunning!

  2. That last photo is precious! I love her sweet arms and her head! Simon is such a good hubby to be hanging pictures in Julia's room. Can't wait to see the new casita!



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