Congratulations Simone!

23 May 2011

Dr. Patton and his ladies:
Julia is especially proud
(post rapture miss and pre-tornado evacuation...eventful little eve)
Fortunately, I was able to get some really great shots of Simon at his hooding and graduation:
 (he is the one in black hat and gown)

told you. 

Another family snappysnap:
what you can't see: 
Simon is drenched in champagne, my underarms are straight fire hydrants and Julia is intoxicated.

No, but seriously...

Julia enjoyed the post-grad picnic:
 will she be crawling before the stork brings the new babe?
 probably not. 

and as a bonus an update on Julia's new obsessions:
(pictured above holding the fancy earring of the lovely bride to very soon be Kelly Jo of The Jordan Journal)
 tongues, earrings, eyelashes, pulling my shirt collar out and dowwwwn in public, male toddlers and the destruction of all:
thank you craziest J. 

And now I'm off to do something productive, I'm sure. 

Have a pretty Monday.


  1. Yay for David...I mean Simon! What an incredible time for you guys. Graduating, moving, new baby, new place, new creepy blog-stalker lady. Yippee!

  2. i LOVE simon's hat. congrats to Dr. Patton. and i love julia's constant scowl. and her blonde hair. and your pretty dress.



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