thirsty thursday

05 May 2011

just kidding. 
well maybe a little bit not kidding. maybe.

Great news: Baby Powder sold yesterday to a nice couple that didn't haggle over the price and seemed to really appreciate all that the beast had to offer
Bad news: one block away from the couple's home (Simon was following the new owner to switch out the license plate) the car died. After some troubleshooting and awkward head scratching...I think everything is going to work out just fine. 

end of excitement and adventure

Julia is generally a hater of the stroller but she loves her Baby Bjorn and prefers that mode of transportation above any other. I loved the Baby Bjorn as well but my back and shoulders hated it more and more as Julia got heavier and heavier.  My lovely friend Adrienne told me about the genius and the Baby Ergo that I have been coveting for quite some time came up to steal the second time in a few months and I couldn't resist the 50% off price tag.

The first time we used it two minor miracles occurred: Simon wore it and his 95 year old back didn't complain once and Julia fell asleep without her usual necessary fuzzy pink blanket nuzzled up against her left cheek just so.
exotic Kansas

end product plug

in the arts and crafts corner today I thought I could easily copycat this brilliant idea and bleach two pairs of my ugly gray jeans....

(Simon saw me wearing the pair on the right and and had questions about the purpose of the ankle zippers and made cracks about the year 1988)

but the wranglers on the left came out custard yellow (not pictured...too pretty) and the other pair came out so/so:
I think I'll leave the white skinnies to other people.
not my thighs' cup of tea.

Always striving for mediocrity always succeeding.

I refixed my semi-ultra flares with my sewing machine that has been on very good behavior lately:

I'm sure you can tell a big difference.
The straw broom chop is swinging in full force and if you look really closely you can see a baby bump.
Growing hourly.
(sorry about the one red eye...had to accessorize somehow)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I think I'll go all out and pop four antacids after dinner instead of my usual three.

(and this is highly inappropriate but highly spot on and f-u-n-n-y)


  1. the beast be gone!!! congrats!!! I took our a magnifying glass... still not seeing the bump!

  2. The outfit with the white skinnies makes your skin look golden. Me likey.

  3. ha. hysterical. i want to bleach! come bleach w/ me...i get nervous of bleaching the whole house on accident.

  4. Is Simon growing a beard of sorts? Hmmm. MIL not sure if she likes, but I know Simon can do not wrong so it must look better in person.

  5. I don't wanna hear it about the thighs woman! Seriously. YOU HAVE NO THIGHS OF WHICH TO SPEAK! Whew, felt good to get that off my chest.


  6. I love the white pants! What are you talking about? Your thighs are perfect for them!

    Oh, and your hair looks fantastic in that last picture. You should wear it down more often.



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