7 (official) Quick Takes Friday Volume IX

19 May 2011

Joining Jen over at Conversion Diary today. Head over for about a million more interesting quick takes as these are not interesting adalllll.

1. Let's start on a high note and things should decrescendo nicely from there. I went on a 24 minute run last night. Simon was organizing a search party by the time I got back home with Julia as the lead little canine as 24 minutes is definitely triple the amount of time I'm normally gone on my little runs. The perfect tsunami of afternoon snack fuel (including but not limited to: an entire jar of peanut butter, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pizza, coffee, a pitcher of lemonade, two bananas, a bunch of grapes and a lot of cottage cheese...), Rihanna and Britney had me running on all million cylinders. 
Was I passed by a speed walker? yes.
Did I let her 68 year old very fast hip swaying squelch my jogging spirit? absolutely not.

2. Simon says that yesterday's lengthy and voluminous post was a procrastination post...which is probably a very solid truth. He wins all awards in the packing department as I merely pack a small shoebox of medicine and feel the need to dab my sweaty brow and take a looooong breather before I tackle the next pint sized task of the hour. Which leads perfectly into...

3. Por Ejemplo: It was obvious that our picnic table was not going to fit into the moving pods:
so Simon simply whipped out a saw and made it smaller:
problem efficiently and seamlessly solved:
while Julia and I tired very quickly merely watching all the action:

Will we ever get e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g packed, loaded and moved?
With Simon and his army of enviable work ethic, yes. 
With Grace's portfolio of procrastination piddle hard at work, nope.

4. My sewing machine broke again. This time...a needle snapped right in half. I was innocently working on a small project with this lovely Independence Day (not to be confused with a Bronco's fan) material:
(as Simon snapped this photo he quipped that I need to start a spin off blog called "home schooled at heart" ... we'll see)
It is obviously a novice operator error but don't think I'm not going to march right back into the repair shop this morning with a polite demand-request to fix it for good...please please. 

5. In the sewing vein...who would have ever thought to make your own swimsuit?!
6.  Above all...of course we just want a healthy little baby but I have been thinking it would be a nice to have a nice little bestie/archrival little lady for Julia. 
However, this photo of Simon with our friend's adorable little boy:
makes me reconsider

7. Polling the audience:
(Julia doing her signature backwards scoot in the most sanitary of conditions)
We took Julia to eat some ice cream out in public last night in this very outfit: no pants, no shoes, no class?
Simon asked me if this was maybe a little bit trashy?
I said no but maybe I'm a bit of a hillbilly and taking babies in onesies in public is not acceptable in civilized society?

Have a realllllllllly nice weekend!


  1. i say you start by attempting to make a swim suit for J. they're so expensive! even for kids! then master that and move onto one for me, i mean you.
    you know, if it weren't for your positive thoughts and moral support, simon wouldn't be able to work so ethicly and efficiently. how about that?

  2. Wait, so I wasn't supposed to wear my onesie to the grocery store this morning?

  3. It is only trashy if there is no diaper under the sockless, shoeless onsie.
    Please make me a non maternity swim suit...
    My vote is for a boy Patton! I want to see if people mistake him for a girl...good luck packing (Simon)

  4. I envision you with another fille. You need one more helper and then you can have your team of garcons! Hillbilly? Doesn't Simon know that New Mexicans are generally the onesies in public type?

  5. Are you planning on finding out the gender? I always wanted a boy and girl first, but now that I see the boys together and the bond they have as brothers makes me glad we had two boys.



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