weekend in 16 photos

09 May 2011

This weekend we pretended like we were interesting and went bonkers doing several out of the ordinary activities:

We played with Julia's hair and went wild with the accessories:
one mom-sized headband

Grace documented Simon's late night snacking:

Grace sat up straight and got alllll up on the latest and greatest color blocking trend:

and we braved the heatwave and the throngs of Wichitans and went to Botanica:
where we got some quality shots of Grace's mom shorts, Simon's perfect hair day and Julia's happy face, thorax and chicken legs:
and her beloved hat with a side of parental contemplation:
and since she takes after her mom and her favorite pastime is staring at strangers for rude amounts of time:
she was a happy little blossom:

We also did yard work and house work, obsessed over Julia's conundrum of a nap schedule, slept in till 7:30 on Saturday morning, drank lots of generic Crystal Light, ate hamburgers and paaaartied hard with Adrienne's clan, Christine's family and my lovely sister-in-law Mary (and others who are either too cool or too smart to not have blogs). 

Eyes widened and jaw dropped yet?

Thought so. 

and for you South Central Kansans that don't obsess over the forecast as much as I do...bundle up:
101 hotties coming your way today.

Have a lovely Monday.

Simace and Julia


  1. I like....
    Grace's sandals.
    Julia's hat.
    whatever it is that Simon's eating. People eating always makes me hungry.

    Grace! Freakin' get back on Facebook! I want to message you and it's more likely to happen via FB :)

  2. I'd like to vote Julia 2011's Most Interesting person thus far.

    SIMACE!! Love. Love.

  3. We all love the vast amount of photos!!! Always love to see any photos of J, and Simon eating!!

  4. Have you seen this ad? It totally reminds me of your little family and this blog :o)

    ...just minus the whole Asian thing.



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