7 (official) Quickest Takes Friday Volume VIII

13 May 2011

This little sign in front of our soon to be old casa is driving me nuts. It has invited many a creeper to slowwwwwwwly drive by the house, look in our windows, tip toe around to the backyard, bang on our front door and probably other things that I don't even know about. Woe is surely mine. 

2. On another complainy note: Simon got his rotation schedule for next year and my initial reaction was to go purchase a keg and some Solo cups and throw a massive pity partay hartay. Mainly because the month prior to and the three months after my due date are um...very rigorous and not really conducive at all to my selfish needs. 
(let's stretch this into two takes)

3. However...shortly after I got the party started, I read Calah's post on how she is going to brave many, many moons sans husband and she has triple the amount of kids that I have. In addition..I remembered how my friend Adrienne has braved her husband's intern year with nary a complaint and so I turned off the lights, stopped the keg stands and sent all the pity partiers home. Things could be much worse and I could certainly stand to complain a lot less.

4. A great Natural Family Planning post...if you're in the market and/or mood.

5. and 6. 
getting desperate ... some aesthetically pleasing shots of our new backyard/deck in St. Louis:

7. and I think that is where the post plot climaxed: deck stain courtesy of a little bird
so I'll just end here and say that I hope you have a marvelous weekend!

Love, Grace and Julia (and Simon in spirit of course)


  1. Thanks for the NFP link! It's rare to for me to hear of others that use it too.

  2. I just read that same NFP post yesterday! Really great. I also love Jen's "Do you want MORE???" (or something like that) post, which is old, but always good.

    Movin', movin', Gettin' down on movin'! (Rebecca Black says "you're welcome")

  3. Great post, g, j, (and s in spirit of course). Perhaps a friendly visit prior to bebe will be something to replace that key P.P. ???

  4. Eeew, weird people checking out your house. Best not to think about what happens when you're not there... Oh, and LOVING your new deck. Now for some lovely weather to enjoy sitting outdoors.


  5. OK for the record, I think Dave would have a hearty guffaw over the idea that I don't complain. I am the biggest wuss ever about this whole residency biz. And furthermore, Dave had the easiest rotations around the time G was born. You have every reason to complain and I think you should just come live with me during the craziness. Or maybe I'll come live with you.



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