sweet home wichita

18 May 2011

Home again safe and sound. 

Thank goodness.

Lessons learned: 
1. always travel with the barest of necessities because you never know when you might part ways with them for 30ish hours or so 
2. assertion is an art I have yet to master but will need to learn for our next run in with airport
3. alternating meals of Mcdonalds and Wendy's over and over is always a bad idea...always.

Unless you were on an internet fast for the end of last week ... you know that Blogger was having some serious ish with erasing posts and precious comments. My award-worthy Thursday post seems to be lost in never coming back land for good. 
So sad. 
You missed these:
and this alteration:
of which a certain husband said was 'not your best work'
and I agreed

back to the sewing machine I skipped to come up with this:
hair and shirt selection courtesy of my very helpy helper:
someone woke up on the needy side of her crib this afternoon and insists on being attttttached at the hip till bath or bed time do us part

Our moving pods are coming tomorrow morning and I have some ugly furniture to put on Craigslist and a lot of blank staring and heavy sighing to do before any real packing productivity can commence. 

Hopefully you have a more exciting afternoon in the works. 

G to the race


  1. Okay I love that skirt! So creative. Glad you survived your ordeal at the airport.

  2. I do love the skirt. And it seems comfy for maternity-ness.

    We're moving next week as well. My sighs have become the stuff of legend. The Ogre's in the other room re-packing my dresses because of them, actually.

    I cannot believe how long you were at the airport. What happened? Please do a post on it! And you must have felt like total crap. I'm sorry.

    Welcome home! Just in time to pack! Does the fun never end?

  3. ah, i thought the shirt was super jcrewish and cute, but the skirt is great too. and very flattering on you.

  4. You are so freaking talented. How can even make a skirt without a pattern??? Incredible!

  5. OH man, I love love love that skirt.

    And glad you made it home!!

    Freckles in April

  6. who else but you can get away with wearing horizontal stripes across their thighs and hips and look incredible!?!? Def. not me!

  7. Best of luck moving. We too will be joining the land of U-Haul this weekend. If you happen upon any tips for packing/unpacking with baby on hip please let me know. Master Thomas is also fighting independence with all his might. I tried putting the dishes away at my sister's house yesterday with him in tow only to send her stack of bowls crashing to the floor:(.



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