26 May 2011

Greetings earthlings!

After the ultrasound on Tuesday it was determined that we are having an

I think the profile is so pretty and feminine and is a little lady but October or November will tell us for certain I suppose.

We are busy working our way slowly into our new abode
but will be back soonish with deets on things I'm sure you care about.

Yesterday's trip to St. Louis was a leedle on the rough side in our packed car with barely enough room for half of one of my thighs and a quarter teaspoon of Julia's hot air.
But we survived and renewed our bff+e pact over a vat of neon red sweet and sour sauce from Chinese Express.

Bye bye!!

Ps weirdest moment of the morning was when the lender stuck his nose deep into the abyss of Julia's golden locks and inhaled deeply with closed eyes. There really was no normal way for us to act 100% nonchalant about that.


  1. Awww! I bet it will be another cutie :)

  2. Sweet to the pic of baby due. Acckk to the pic of the pod. And WEEIIIRRDD to the ps (and wish you had a pic).
    Also, thanks for the family heirloom. We will take good care of it and display it proudly while simultaneously toasting to the Patton clan on taco nights.
    Miss you already just knowing you're really gone!

  3. What a fabulous ultrasound pic! We just got ours yesterday and I dare say it really does look like our little boy has some extraterrestrial-like features. Time will tell.

  4. Were they not able to tell the gender? Or did you not want to find out?

    Freckles in April



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