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17 May 2011

Still airport locked.

Praise the good Lord for seven dollar premade bottles sold at airport travel marts (judge away but my other options were to miraculously start lactating again, cab it to a grocery store or put Julia on a fast).

To tide you over until we get home to our final destination we have some family photos:

A very patient Julia and her favorite chewable belt:

And Simon, Grace, 16 week bump and totally natural pose:

Seaton and Patton females:

And Julia giving the nosy lady that told grace to put a sweater on her cold little baby boy and to get him off the dirty floor the stink eye:

Over and out,

One semi-unhappy albeit mature grace on the verge of throwing a temper tantrum at the bottom of her bone dry patience well


  1. i dont understand why youre still at the airport.

    also would it be creepy if you came to my house and saw this last photo framed? hmm.

  2. I am mad for you about the lady telling you to put a sweater on an obviously and naturally, well insulated J. Get home safe!

  3. oh wow, i can't imagine being stuck at the airport with a baby. hope you get back soon!

  4. Jeepers! That's a long time to spend in an airport with or without a baby! Hope you guys had a peaceful trip home! :o)

  5. Love the stink eye! So glad you made it home!

  6. Are you kidding me?!! I began to despise airports once babies came along. I can't believe you were stuck there that long.
    ...and I laughed pretty hard over your last statement and the photo of Julia's "stink eye". Love her! she is sooo cute!!



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