1. the end of an era...almost and 2. (rhymes with) chants

04 May 2011 was almost a very sad day in the Patton household this morning as we almost had to bid farewell to a beloved member of the clan:
Baby Powder

This is Simon's 1981 beast of a Volvo that hasn't been in working order for the past few months. After a few hours of TLC and some accidental gas syphoning into mouth (? and gross)... Simon had this baby purring once again. 
And by purring I mean running loudly enough to set off car alarms when driven past fancy cars in parking garages and rattle the windows of our house when running in the driveway. Simon's original plan was to recycle Baby Powder for a little dinero but then had a change of heart en route to the recycling center and decided to try and give it a selling whirl on Craigslist. Within minutes of the posting going up, Simon had a call (granted the caller never showed) and an offer to trade the honey for a "brand new stereo system".  I'm hoping we are offered some live poultry and maybe some freshly laid eggs by an eager buyer this afternoon. 
In other Patton machinery news, my sewing machine is back in working order. I went to pick it up at the little store the size of our modest living room and sinfully forgot my little ticket claim check stub. The shop owner gave me a disapproving look, asked for my name instead and muttered, "welll, I hope I can find it." After looking at the three other machines in the repair queue, she managed to pick mine out and we both breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

I got right to work on some pants as my days in non-maternity bottoms are surely numbered:
Kurt Kobain gave a ring and wants his signature bang swoop back, stat.
I opted to stay trendy and keep them flared:
Can you find me in the bamboo jungle?
 I don't love them so I might have to shave them down to skinnies...time will tell. 

And if you are wondering where little J has been amidst all of this funfunfun...she has been busy watching this clip of herself fast and heavy breathing while imitating a velaciraptor on repeat:

Have a wonderful day.


  1. love the antiqued photos....que appropriate given the antique nature of the Beast Car itself. And the pants turned out great...maybe we can have a tutorial before you move?

  2. oh and I don't mean you have to do a tutorial on your blog....just a tutorial w me : ) : ) : )

  3. I love how she looks back at you for approval before attacking the camera again.

    I seriously watched that like 94 times.

  4. the velaciraptor (took 4 tries to spell it correctly) is attacking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone take cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. A post on the art of antiquing photos would be greatly appreciated. As well as more guest posts by simon...they have been great study breaks during finals. Can't wait to see you guys next week!

  6. i love how she only makes sounds when she's making a play for the camera!! haha!



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