15 weeks, maternity maxi and baby thrifting

10 May 2011

We've got an action packed show today, ladies and gentlemen!

First: my stomach is definitely puffing out (especially after a long and hard day of eating) and my crystal ball shows that maternity clothes are in my very near future.
Hopefully I can hold off until we move because I don't even want to think about taking a machete to the jungle of packed boxes in our basement, living room, kitchen and bedroom until we are safely in our new nest. 

I was awake blowing my fire hose of a nose for two hours straight the other night/morning and stumbled across this smart maternity dress tutorial.

I tried my hand at the brilliance with an old Old Navy tank top and some eggplant stretchy material to produce:
a nightgown. 
or perhaps some reallllly modest lingerie?


All I know is that:
1. Just like a nightgown it is very comfortable and
2. it was medium-easy to low-difficult to pull together

I was particularly pleased with the photo below that Simon snapped as I was marching somewhere...and am considering putting a portfolio of photos together to try my hand at maternity modeling:
thank you Simone

On the Julia clothing front: she is bursting out of most of her clothes and so I went on a little thrifting trip to see if I could find some outfits to adequately cover her little butterball body.

Her favorite finds were the little boy shoes and the Mr. Rogers cardigan:
success never looked so handsome/pretty. 

and this is directly before we endured the most horrendous teething tantrum breakdown in the history of her 7.5 month life:
All of our favorites came for the party: spitting, arm flailing, back arching, machine gun sobs and squirt gun nostrils. 

I hope we can do that again in the very near future. 

And now I'm off to glare at Jillian Michaels for 27 minutes before I jog-walk half way around the block listening to the techno version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" 
 don't worry...I'm definitely not kidding. 

See you later.


  1. v finds the CUTEST (and gayest) things for mo while baby thrifting. he wore a white cardi this weekend that is to die for.

  2. I LOVE your dress!! I should make a (non maternity) version for myself.

    Freckles in April

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress (and the tiniest baby bump in the world!) I should hire you to make me non maternity (but forgiving and roomy like maternity) dresses for the summer. seriously....

  4. Grace! I love the dress! It looks fab. Really. And I must say, you are a better woman than I. But infinitely better. The second I pee on that stick and it reads "Let's do this one more time, Mama" it's the couch, chocolate and utter laziness for me.

    Sometimes I'll take a walk when the Ogre makes me.

    I can't believe Jillian Michaels is still a phrase in your vocabulary. Maybe I can be like you when I grow up.

  5. gorgeous dress! i want it. and i want that hold not to steal. i like the little smile she is giving us in the left hand corner of the montage.

  6. Feel free to bring an exact replica of that dress to Ohio for me as a graduation gift. I'll also take a copy of the black one you made a few weeks back as well.

  7. Jillian Michaels when you're prego??? I can barely keep from puking up *water* for 7 months straight what to speak of, like, moving and stuff. You are tres awesome :)

  8. Love the dress AND really love the bump!! I was always "showing" when I was 6 weeks pregnant. You are amazing! Cheer up J, you've got a great mom!

  9. I didn't know you we're pregnant! Congrats! When is your due date? I love the dress..I really wish I had more sewing skills. Too bad we didn't see you in steubenville this weekend!



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