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03 May 2011

Welllll, since I am sans sewing machine until at least tomorrow...I'm scraping the sides of my blogging barrel and have come up with one drop of juicy couture to share with you. And it isn't even my own original juice. It belongs to the renaissance bloggess of the universe: Kayla. There is pretty much nothing she doesn't do realllly well...from elaborate sewing proyectos to whole foods cooking and baking to fabric painting to child rearing to telling my stalky self to get a life and go away. 

Anyway...enough about her lets talk about me and my horrible thin hair.
Basically my hair is as fine and mousy as it comes. Freshly washed and dried, my hair won't even hold a rubber band as it is just so slippery and well...not conducive to holding any sort of style/volume/curl. Anyway...I've tried multiple expensive and inexpensive thickening and volumizing sprays, serums and potions only to be disappointed by all. Then Kayla wrote this informative post about making her own sea salt spray. I immediately procured the ingredients made the concoction and was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked. I just give a generous sprinkling of the spray to my limp roots post shower and pre-blowdry (or on the many days that my hair doesn't make it through the washing machine) and it gives just enough substance and dare I say volume (?) to my hair that rubber bands now stay in, I can avoid the TOTAL yellow straw triangular broom style,
my teeth seem whiter and sparkly butterflies and unicorns flock to adorn my beige locks all the livelong day. So...if there is one of you out there that suffers from the same lifeless and mousy hair syndrome that I have lived with for so many years and want your hair to be able to daily emulate that of an intact cheese danish on the tippy top of your head:
this recipe is the solution for your sorry self.

Ingredients: epsom salt, cheap-o hair gel and a spray bottle
I am not very particular about the measurements but generally I count to two (as in one one thousand...two one thousand) as I pour the salt in the bottle, give three or four generous squirts of gel, fill the bottle with hot hot hot water and then shake for about 18 seconds. Each 'batch' probably costs about 23 cents...serio. Como se dice Bumble and Bumble who?
I guess the salt might dry out some people's hair but I never grew out of the oily, pimply teenager phase and so my oil-saturated scalp appreciates the salty company. 

This is too long. I'm sorry. 

Rub your eyes and trudge on...for one more little something...
Julia may as well be a leash child as she is always wearing her crutch: her pacifier clip. Always. The teething situation has only exacerbated her nasty moods and sometimes her pacifier distracts her for four blessed second increments at a time. It simply had to be washed yesterday while we took my sewing machine in to be repaired and so Simon put on his innovative hat and came up with this winning substitute:
(note the danish proudly making a guest appearance)
a paper clip, a three foot gift wrapping ribbon and a little sweat paved the road to sweet success

Thank you Simone

Also...I am currently under the weather and under hellish attack of some herculean allergy monster and am shackled to a box of tissues sans voice (which is unfortunate as my teaching Julia what the word, "no!" means had been going so well) and maybe had a little piddle of too much time on my hands yesterday and did this

Enjoy or don't. I won't ever know. 


  1. Why can't I leave comments on your page about how y'all got hitched? Why oh why oh why??? Because I have things to say about how awesome your wedding dress was and how your husband's hair was probably the muse for Michelangelo's David, but I can't tell you that *because I can't leave a comment*. Now how will you ever know that I'm thinking all that? Such a shame.

  2. My name is Kayla and I approve this message.

    (also, I will never tell you to stop stalking me. And I'm pretty sure it's not stalking if I'm stalking you back. I think that's just called being friends. And how is my parenthetical aside longer than my original message?)

    Freckles in April

  3. your danish bun hair looks good enough to eat...

  4. totally trying the epsom salt thing. i never grew out of that oily teenager stage either. grrrr.

  5. oh SIL I love all your sweet commenters. Dwija and Kayla both made me laugh...
    Get better! So we can go on a walk! Shack tomorrow?

  6. ps I told Simon this but will tell you too----LOVE the About the Campers page!

  7. First of all, Grace, um I feel like you wrote this post for me and all of my post-partum hairlossthinnessoily awesomeness.

    Second, Mary, I'm totally crashing your date, if you all are meeting up at the Shack. My sis is in town too, so let me know if you go.

    Third, back to Grace, I love your "about" page and I think your dress is the prettiest I've ever seen and your photos too.

  8. Thanks for the pacifier grip reco. We too have had ours permanently attached for the past month as the teeth come in.
    Looking forward to your arrival in STL. The weather was fabulous today so a friend and I took the kiddos to the park and enjoyed a nice Italian sandwich on The Hill. Hopefully you can join us when you get settled.

  9. So many things to say..
    Dammit g, I have that bumble and bumble spray. And here to find there exists a cheap way to diy?! Dammit again I say.
    Bun looks yum.
    Simone DOES have luscious hair.
    Love the about the campers. So glad you already know how much I loved and approved of every bit of your wedding and in case you forgot, please consider this my official reminder. I especially loved that you changed into a reception dress....the only steuby bride to do that!!!!!

  10. one question...?

    --is J wearing a leash in the last photo?



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