13 December 2011

 I had been pleased that yesterday was the first day spent with the two nonverbals that I didn't send Simon multiple smoke signal texts demanding that he leave any crowning baby heads behind and speed race home to my sanity zapped rescue.  I mean ... the diapers were still gross and abundant and the babes were still needsucks but we seemed to finally almost hit some sort of stride that made me think I might not lose all my marbles after all (!!). I don't know what the magical equation was exactly. I did get sort of dressed. I got crazy and donned my festive pants but kept things tame and predictable keeping my housecoat and housesocks securely on my person.  Julia branched out from her usual diet of solely processed meat (haw daws and chickie nugs -- when we started calling them that and that I know not but my mortified former self is rolling in my future self's grave). Also, some very kind souls loaned us a genius baby swing that sways side to side instead of the boooooring front to back and keeps Sebastian weirdly content for scarily amazing amounts of time.  And I ordered one (my first) Christmas gift online ... look out.


Then today happened.
 Unbelievable blowouts (I am tempted to go into gross detail about these but I know that would guarantee that you would never return ... so you're spared for now) requiring back to back baths, a sudden and very scary diaper extinction, tantrums galore and (my fave) Simon getting unexpectedly called and required to go to a loooooooooooooooong work dinner directly after work leaving me sans my very cherished time with a fellow talker that I have grown so dependent on night after night (don't worry - my anonymous hate letter to the dinner that I wrote before I washed my filthy hands from the blowouts - oops - is locked and loaded in the fax machine headed straight to all responsible parties).

one decent
one unpleasant
back to where we started:
very low daily expectations and back to taking things one day/hour/minute/diaper at a time
which is fine
didn't mean for this to rhyme
can't stop
won't stop

end whine, now wine.

forgive me (and mine).

oh, will you see this?
I will. Totally.


  1. I just love you. You are doing so well. And you really do handle the craziness of life with such a refreshing attitude.

  2. Joaquin named Lotus "Gah-gee" (hard G on both of those Gs) when he was very little. For some reason, which still remains unknown, I didn't stamp that insane nickname out immediately.

    Every following baby grew up thinking that his sister's name was Gagie, and so refers to her as such. In public.

    The height of humiliation (including epic diaper fails in restaurants and that one memorable time when my milk let down in the middle of the Shamu show at SeaWorld, and my nursing pad overflowed and I had to walk around with a HIGHLY specific wet spot over one breast) was when I found myself also referring to Lotus as "Gagie"- IN THE GROCERY STORE. WITH PEOPLE LISTENING!
    Humiliations galore.

  3. um yeah. when i see people with a newborn/super preg i just want to yell, "i'm so sorry!!!" the first 6 weeks of B's life were the worst. and my husband wasn't gone all day. i was just leaking from everywhere possible, 40 lbs overweight and sleep deprived. i hope when we have number two (someday) i can manage to take pics, blog AND have skinny/hot legs. you're awesome.

  4. oh! and i want to see that movie so bad. hilarious.

  5. You make me laugh...hang in there!

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  7. this, right here, has saved my sanity and a reminded me that there are other talkers out there. that there is someone else who know what it's like to be stuck in a house with 2 non-verbals and that (atlas) I am not alone.
    I have found myself wondering to the gym, non to work out but rather to simply encounter other people who have vocabularies. (Hubby works the night shift)
    Keep it up Mama :o)

  8. How have I not heard of that movie? That looks HILARIOUS.

  9. that movie looks great! Hope your day gets better for you

  10. the truth is-your rhyming was great. made my morning. ha!

  11. What kind of diaper are you using and WHY haven't you switched after the said blowouts?? If you haven't tried them already, Costco diapers are virtually indestructable. I made the mistake of trying Pampers and quickly learned that H's pee must have a dangerously low pH because the diaper started to disintegrate in the morning. Pampers newborns work great since they rarely go more than 30 mins b/w changings but once they outgrow those, it's all about Kirklands.



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