dance, die or step aside

21 June 2011

 I really, really, really love to dance

and I am a really, really, really bad dancer
(sweating hard, dancing pretty...I'm sure)

Luckily, I married a nice gentleman that turns a blind eye to my awful dancing... and favorite rug shearing go-to's:
 I always, always turn to the pointer-pinky in the air wave...
 (complete with banana curl rat tail)
 schooling Simon on our first night out on the town in South Bend

or pulling out of an instrument and bringing all my loved ones down with me:

but Simon is always quick to ask, "do you know what the lyrics to that song say?!?!".....

to which I generally reply, "nope. . .whoops."

that's nice ...

who cares and whats your point grace?

Since being pregnant, sober when pregnant and guardian of Julia I haven't been able to hit the floor as much as my little heart might like. I made the mistake of bounding out to dance at a wedding when I was 7 months pregnant, nearly knocked all innocent dancers out with my flailing, swollen ankles and enormous stomach and severely depressed my dancing spirit.
So at the wedding this weekend when Simon and his fellow groomsmen performed a little YMCA routine:
 (glitter cap...front and center)

I felt the balls of my feet get a little antsy...

so I got cray, slammed my last sip of Diet Coke and took Julia out to the floor:
 "...them beans and rice din't miss herrrrrrr"
100% unimpressed and safely gnawing on a kid friendly glow stick

and then when Julia graciously fell asleep in her car seat half way under table #11
 my sober, big bellied self sat at the table and felt a small piece of my being wither away as the other wedding goers got down to the always classic "Yeah" by Usher.

Simon was a dear, shoved Julia fully under the table, and pushed me onto the dance floor just in time to 'milk the cow'....
(not pictured for your consideration)

We neglected our sleeping babe for the better part of the night and in true Simace form...he perfected his mocking of my full body tantrum dance and I got down to his cautious two step rhythm default. 

We came up with two new moves:
the careful opening and tasting of a fine bottle of wine to the ditty "Bottoms Up"
and some alien antlers for Katy and Kanye's "E.T"

good, clean fun. 

um. that would be allllll I have to say about that. 

first and last post on dancing...I almost promise. 

In other fun news...
Simon started his residency this morning which is exciting but selfishly mildly depressed me and Julia:
 (refusing to face the day even after I attempted to get her dressed)

annnnd I went running this morning, got stuck behind a pungent garbage truck, caught in the pouring rain many blocks from home and spewed a litany of bad, loud words on my attempted sprint back.

I pray you have a more tolerable dia.



  1. did julia apply the mascara herself under table #11 this time, or was that another slight of the momma hand?

    if no, her latissed lashes are beauties!!!

  2. Awe! Looks like so much fun! I love dancing!

  3. great post! i'm so behind this week on your hilarity.
    glad my back made the post.



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