welcome to Miami

14 June 2011

or Durango...
sameish thingading.

Julia and I are checking in from our perch in martyrdom as all the funions went rafting ... so far we've shared a box of Honey O's, laundered our cowgirl get-ups for tonight's fiesta, sucked on the toothpaste tube and talked about what a j-e-r-k Bentley is. 
BFF+e bonding in our full coverage swimwear at the hot springs

and Julia finding her throne very comfy:

We enjoyed a nice walk with Pedro yesterday:
(who shared that he has found one dollar in the same spot on the path en route to the springs every day...earning him five big ones thus far .... ??)

and Julia was given cousin crawling lessons bright and early this morning:
they didn't take quite yet but she is showing signs of interest and improvement

overall...everyone is having a lot of f-u-n
I think
I hope you have a pleasant day.





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