Guest post and regular post mash up

02 June 2011

Hi my name is Julia
and I'm a weirdo
really and truly.

My new favorite things to do in my new city are:

1. Go to the park and open-mouthed stare at the able-bodied children run through the fountains in their swimsuits. My parents say they feel like creeps being the only parents that don't have a child enjoying the water sitting and watching with me in their lap but I insist on a niiiiiiice long stare. My favorite.

2. There are so many kids and canines in this city. My general go-to when I see a child or a dog in a public setting is to tense all of my muscles, flap my wings, make loud vowel sounds and turn bright red. I have yet to win a smile from a child or a friendly bark from a dog but I know they appreciate my enthusiasm and admiration from afar.

3. I have recently discovered the fattest sections of my mom's arms and legs and enjoy giving them frequent and drawn out bites. I stop only when delicious blood is drawn or when she finally pays attention to my attention starved self.

Ok I have the attention span of a gnat and I just spied a toilet seat that looks very appetizing so off I fast roll in my walker leading with my arched brows and heavy panting!

Thank you Julia

Onto less exciting things . . .

Food: Mericana style
In what I can only hope was a rare moment of weakness after a long day of unloading heavy things - Simon purchased this little duo packaged together in the frozen food section courtesy of Digiorno. Simon did find solidarity in his fine dining choice when the gentleman ringing us up showed great enthusiasm for the pizza-cookie marriage and claimed Digiorno had won his affections back with this genius.

This week things have crescendoed a bit in the quality department:
Cornflake chicken salad and pink lemonade accompanied by an army of condiments and the remnants of a shelving project.

I fell asleep just typing that out . . . so I can only imagine that you are finding the edge of your seat to be quite comfy. . .moving right along

There happens to be a Goodwill .4 miles from our abode and so Grace and Julia made their way over today . . .
the fruits of their scavenging via Grace's pleated white Florida-ready culottes and Julia's arctic corduroys. This photo also shows off the freshly painted walls (I believe the exact name of the shade was something along the lines of cinderblock or prison cell) in Julia's room and the big baby crib she has finally graduated to from the portable one next to her parent's bed.


if you look really closely you might see the baby kicking. Shim (as Simon calls him/she) is much more athletic than little Julia was in utero and is making up for all the inactivity of his/her lazy toad mother has managed to crank out lately.

One more item: I received this email from my mother, Bettina with the subject title of "blog post" and only this photo in the body:
I'm guessing my newest follower, Pedro was behind this dinnertime stroke of photography talent but maybe Bettina just really liked this angle and wanted to be featured.

Enough is enough . . .

Have a wonderful night and sleep tight.


  1. loved the guest postliob

    That was a message to J from A...

  2. LOL!!! How did you know it was from Pedro?? I was serving Dad and Emily her annual cherry cheesecake:)

  3. lol oh the toilet seat can be SO appealing. i saw an article about the pizza/cookie marriage and knew SOMEONE would try it eventually...leave it to simone.

  4. congratulations to julia for moving to the baby crib.



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