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27 June 2011

Hello Monday. 
My favorite. 

Items of business on the Julia front:

-her new favorite pastime is to go through the trash and eat whatever treasure she finds. Her latest jewel was a banana peel which she coated with sugar from the remains left in a discarded bag. While this is disgusting...I find it hard to say no because the digging keeps her occupied for weirdly long and wonderful amounts of time. The excitement around these topping.

the oompa loompa and her loot:

-never one to be melodramatic..the crying it out is going horrendously. I am fresh out of knives to pierce my heart with every morning nap, afternoon nap and bedtime. The anxiety that nap and bedtime brings is at an all time high and I've worn a large grace-sized mark into the basement carpet away from where I sit rock back and forth while Julia's cries claw at my heart strings. I'll let you know if it gets any better but I'm not crossing any appendages.

-the priest at Mass yesterday approached me, Simon and a ruffly dress wearing Julia and asked if, "he was walking or talking yet?" and "what is his name?" ... I said, "no and no and um her name is Julia...but everyone makes that mistake!" ... a little nosy nelly lady piped up, "well you'd never know according to her outfit!" .... cue confusion and polite chuckle and more confusion

him and his muscle dress:

and onto a minor alteration in which the before betters the after:

I've been avoiding the old maternity pants up until this point but have grand plans to pull them out later on today. I remember buying these Gap capris on clearance many years ago in three colors and three different sizes thinking they were the coolest thing since whiskered denim .... although they are obviously just flared floods (these are the largest pair of course)

black bells with flash and without...both with Lucy doing some inappropriate licking

 I made the mistake of wearing a flesh-colored lycra top which highlighted just how snug the waist was and the baby rolls:
 to the left...disciplining the pants' snap that was very tempted to cave to the "this lady is too large for the likes of me'' pressure, a pot with a weed and someone else's large deck

I'm pretty sure I can fold these neatly into the pile of...probably will never, ever wear but will save for a million years just in case

and on the Lucy front...she has proven to be a lovely little pet as she tolerates Julia's chasing and batting and does not let my ankles get lonely for one sweet second...even when they traipse into the bathroom at 3 am.
(top photo...Lucy's good side)

Have a great day.


  1. I just love reading your posts Grace! You always give me the giggles and you seem like such a lovely person! Thanks for sharing.

  2. No I love the pants! Keep wearin' them! Love little muscle-dressed Julia hiding face down in her blanket. Adorable!

  3. yes, the pants are great. and so is the dog. and the julia.

  4. I have the same problem with all of my pants at the moment. I can wear them for about thirty minutes until its time to change into sweats again. I really wish I knew how to alter clothes like you do...I tried once and failed miserably.

  5. How can you be THAT pregnant and still look THAT great in pants I couldn't have squeezed into during my half hearted bulimic,workout every spare second of the day, eat nothing more than lettuce high school years?!?!? If I didnt just love you so darn much I would have have have to hate you.

    So you went with Lucy over clops? I am still going to call her clops.

    Your little boy Julia sure does look super cute in that DRESS. (stupid lady... I need to find nicer adj for the priest...)

    This is getting long. Sorry.

  6. You forgot to mention Julia is finally crawling! Or are you dedicating an entire post to this feat? I would like to formally request proof of the rumored crawling in video form.



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