7 (official) Quick Takes Friday Volume XI

10 June 2011

Linking up once again with Jen over at Conversion Diary.. .. ... ..... exclamation point

1. I thought I was getting all fancy nancy with my baby greens and yellow tomato salads but then I came across these 12 fancier and prettier nanciers and suddenly felt like an inadequate plain jane.
(Let's make it a baker's dozen as I just found this one that also looks dynamite)

2. blogging and Facebooking the new home phone and answering machine while Twitter and Pinterest could be likened to cellphones and texting or v-v-v-v-hat is the dilly? I'm feel like I'm trying to wade through molasses with my walker and trifocals...very behind.

3. This little 8 month old happy hamburger went to the market and bought herself a pair of shorts in size 24 months:
and they fit like a stretchy glove
I hope they make diapers large enough for when she hits size 10/12 husky at 18 months

4. Simon went and watched 'the game' with 'the guys' at 'the bar' tonight...

while I knit baby booties and chopped liver for winter stew (joke for the latter half of that sentence)...but I do feel like we are settling in nicely and feeling right at home here in St. Louis. 
(and to Simone: thank you for whisking our little tyrant out of sight and mind this morning at 5:22 ... you saved me from walking out and curling up outside on the curb as that was my plan if her highness rang her hourly need bell one half of one more time)

5. I have a brown stretchy fold over perfect for pregnancy and post partum days skirt somewhere but I can't find it and so I tried to make this substitue skirt with the scraps from this dress before we moved but I made it in size um 000000000 and it wouldn't even slip over my ankle..whoopsie daisies. So I quadrupled the fabric and gave it another go this morning:
It will be part of my daily uniform for the remainder of the pregnancy

6. In addition to her new shorts...someone got her first pair of shoes that fit:
nothing too flashy...metallic silver with metallic flowers...

7. We're headed out to a family reunion with these nice folks in Colorado next week:
So....we'll see how posting goes from our remote location.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I must need a nap, because your wedding picture made me get all teary eyed. What the what is up with that????

    Come and play with me on Pinterest this instant, woman. Twitter is still the redheaded stepchild of my social media square of doom (but I use it 'cause I feel I should) but Pinterest is...delicious :)

  2. Hi! I came over from Conversion Diary...had to tell you I love Julia's dress! My daughter is 19 months old and it's so much fun to find cute little dresses for her. (Which always strikes me as funny, because I'm not a girly-girl dress type myself, although skirts are growing on me the old I get.)

  3. julia looks SO happy in all the photos. and i want to make all those salads right now.



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