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23 June 2011


We've been contemplating getting a dog for several weeks but after looking at the reality of Simon's work schedule and alllllllll of the nights he won't be here I decided that I need a dog. I need a guard dog to chat with and be an older sibling to Julia and to be properly saddled up so that I might ride him or her to the hospital when I'm in labor because the negative nancy that dominates my being says that Simon will be busy tending to other laboring ladies when my shining hour arrives. Craigslist I turned. After weeding through the ads for a mini alligator, an opossum ('friendly little buddy that goes anywhere!'), 100 crickets at the bargain price of 5 cents a pop, and a trio of bearded dragons I finally found a few promising pups. Unfortunately...I've only gotten two responses to my inquiries. The first was a 'short three hour drive' away and the second came for 'a small rehoming fee' equal to half of a mortgage payment. No thank you and no thank you again. At this success rate...we might just have to settle for the clean and empty bird cage that is free to a loving home...

yee haw

Perhaps I will be successful in convincing Simon that a trip to a shelter this evening might be the way to go because in addition to being a nasty pessimist I also have zero patience and would like a dog now... not tomorrow or the next day or the next. 

Virtueless, pathetic soul.

I'll keep you posted on our findings...don't worry.

moving right along...

Shockingly enough, it has been insanely hot here lately. So hot that even with the air conditioning on, Julia tends to wake up from her naps in a little vat of sweat droplets and emitting a little odor that might just prompt me to add 'deodorant application' to her morning chore chart. I can only wear my casual black dress that could probably pass for a nightgown so many times and I've been enjoying these shorts but was in a scandalous mood this morning and wanted a shorter pair. 
I thought these were super cute and got allll excited that there was a tutorial on how to make them but felt a litttle bit stupid when the tutorial told me to: cut jeans...get shorts. 

So....I cut these jeans which I found while unpacking a stray box and didn't feel bad about cutting as they are fully whiskered and have this faux patch bologna on one knee. Not sure what idiot thought it would be smart to purchase these bunnies back in 2004:
and tried to make this maternity v-neck a little less capital V-neck and a little more lower case v-neck

(camera still dead...forgive the uglies)

I rigged Julia up on the picnic table with an old tennis shoe holding the phone in place and before a blade of glass blew by and zapped her attention snap, she snapped one photo in which I was looking at the camera and one in which I was making sure my zipper hadn't fallen down with the belly bulge:
you get the grainy gist...short and scandalous paired with fiesta on my footwear

I'm not ready to type about it yet...but we're on day twoish of letting Julia cry it out. Day one brought my resignation as Julia's mother and day two hasn't been much better but with another sleep sucker on the way...I am desperate. 

cute but not at 11 pm, 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, 4 am and finally in our bed at 5 am...

again...I'll keep you posted on our progress. 

Off to make some comfort pizza and continue to Google "non-shedding, good with kids, free, house trained, saddle ready dog in St. Louis"

until tomorrow,



  1. haha good luck with your dog search!

  2. Good luck! Although, being a dog owner I would caution that dogs are SO much work. I got one for the same reason as you, but wow it's like adding a 3rd child. The biggest problem is the expense of having them watched when you leave town. Not to be a Debby Downer or anything, I just wish I realized this before we got a dog (and we didn't even have any kids when we did and he's a good dog).

    Also you look really great! Why can't I be tiny like that when I'm pregnant?

  3. Get a Boston Terrier- They are awesome!
    Just don't get a will hate yourself for that.
    So you and Julia are beautiful!

  4. I'll give you rudy or tucker for free!

  5. Oh, the dog hunt! I managed to wrangle THREE excellent dogs off of craigslist so it can be done! Two of them were puppies though. But one was fully grown and saddle-ready :)

    You absolutely need a dog. All of your reasoning is sound. Must have dog, STAT. I can't wait to hear more!!!

  6. As a double graduate of the cry-it-out method I can most assuredly tell you that it is so totally worth it. We only had to do it once with Stinky but Baby 2 required like 4 cycles of CIO. It was not my most favorite thing in the world.


  7. Dog! Dog! Dog! It's meant to be, I just know it!!! Mom and I both wonder when you'll go into biz with your sewing skills. This latest blue flower dress change-up was AWWESSSOME! Love it! Miss you guys so much!Come back..... : ) : ) : )

  8. the shorts are great. and the top. and crying it out is not. virginia started at 3 months and it WORKED finally, but a rough road. my friend LE waited till 6 or 7 monhts? and now she has a sleeping beauty.

  9. ps I'm trying the shorts thing tonight because it's one of those nights when I hate all my clothes in the whole.closet. I'm doubting my jean shorts making skills....



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