Peterisms and Photo Waste Land

16 June 2011

My 14 year old brother Pedro has dropped some real rubies over the course of the vacay...some of which are appropriate enough to share:

"Will you take a photo of me kissing Julia on the cheek please?"

sure Pedro. 

~ "I think I'll go ahead and let one of your future daughters be the flower girl in my wedding...which will be happening in exactly 13 years"

~ (to store clerk downtown) "I've seen these headphones you are selling for fifty dollars on Amazon for twenty dollars." (and the guy agreed to sell them for twenty if Peter would agree not to tell a soul...but Peter did not purchase)

~ "That birthing store was expensive!" (referring to a maternity store)

~ and of course the, "I see you've gained some weight" to me upon arrival

Onward to a lotttta photographs:

 Julia in hat and swimsuit with parents:

Julia in skinnies and cowgirl onesie with parents:
 (20 week belly busting at the snaps)

 Simon drew the short end of the shirt stick

fancy fancy and fancy

Julia posing:

Julia and her posse helping her smile along:

Simace had a romantic matching outfit date up to the top of a mountain:
and had a joyful reunion with their little master at the bottom

and a grand finale of Gram and Grands in western wear:
Christmas Card 2K11

Other happenings: 
Simon taking a tumble out of the alpine slide down a mountain, losing rental car keys for ever and suffering some ugly fiberglass burns
Grace leaving Simon's wallet on the ground outside Wal-Mart ... to be found and returned
Simon holding an empty box of graham crackers in the air for a longgg time in his sleep in the middle of the night (to stop Julia's whimpering?)
Grace "running" for 57 seconds down the road and nearly dying
Julia being Julia and doing nothing extraordinary

Have a nice evening.


  1. Love, love the plaid shirts! What a fun theme!

  2. Too many golden nuggets to comment on in this beauty of a blog. Please tell Pedro that I am in the market for some new and economically priced headphones. Grazie!

  3. woa reed's dad fell out of the alpine slide as well! that thing is dangeroso.



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