zoo, fruit flies and hair

07 June 2011

As promised...zoo visit documentation. 

St. Louis has lots of free things to do with kids. The zoo seemed like the most uncomplicated outing and so we took 35 minutes out of our Saturday evening to speed walk through a few exhibits. I almost melted due to the heat and humidity and Julia wasn't all that impressed with her view of railings and fences from her perch in her stroller but it was a fun little outing and once Julia learns a new trick (clapping? waving? changing her own diaper?) she will be rewarded with another exciting trip.

We'll go ahead and get the one photo of an animal we captured out of the way:
stripeless tiger I believe.

 Little Tom Sawyer was only mildly impressed by the hippopotamus:
 (not wearing denim underpants despite what it might look like)

pretending to care so that her keepers will stop talking to her in high pitched baby voices:

entertainment while Grace made the mistake of going into the bathroom stall with a potty training children's toilet...verrrrrrrrrrrry low to the ground

fun and fun:

valiant stroller driver:

Simon's riveting view:

family photo:
(I believe this is when a certain someone got us a little bit lost)

high drama zoo exit:

end excitement.

on two side notes:
1. I'm currently on a fruit fly massacre mission. Our new kitchen came complete with large ants and an abundance of fruit flies despite our best efforts to keep all food in its proper home. I've found that a shot glass full of apple cider vinegar combined with a few drops of dish washing soap left sitting out on the counter overnight seems to do the trick. I'll even admit to sneaking into the kitchen at all hours of the night to check my body fun.

2. I'm not sure which is worse...the post-partum hair loss that robbed my scalp of handfuls of hair on a daily basis or the pregnancy hair growth situation as my new lush sideburns are now curling round the entirety of my lobes:
and as a bonus I just discovered a neck mustache that my hairline has sneakily been busy growing...

And now I'm hoping to convince Simon that yes indeed his body is swimsuit ready so that we can hit the pool for a quick dip in a few minutes. I hope you have a similarly exciting afternoon planned.


  1. Ugh, postpartum hair loss was the worst for me! I lost all the hair around the front of my face, how do you hide that?! I even lost my eyelashes. Not to mention I was constantly cleaning out my hair brush and clogging the shower drain. It was a little better the 2nd time around though. Hoping the same for you :)

  2. Can't wait to see all of you! Will there by a sign up sheet for times when Julia will be available to hold this week? I foresee every single cousin wanting some quality time with her!

    Also, even if you lost half your scalp, you would still have more hair than me!

  3. I freaked out for about 5 minutes about how amazing that elephant picture is. It was the best picture I had ever seen in my life. Then as I marveled at it and showed it off, I was informed that it is fake... Is it really fake? :(

  4. The only thing that could make that elephant picture is if you were holding Julia up like Simba. :o)

    Also, Ben wanted me to send this to you again jussst to make sure you and Simon definitely get to see it.
    Enjoy and see you sooooooon!

  5. hahaha swimsuit ready simone. hhahahaha.



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