7 (official) Quick Takes Friday Volume X

03 June 2011

Joining Jen over at Conversion Diary for her weekly quakes...

1. Fresh air by way of fresh Internet for the Pattons! Would it be blasphemous to ask for a collective, "Hallelujah!!" ??
Yikes...sorry for all the gross and blurry phone photos that I've been posting for the past several days. I'm sure you were very concerned but I'll get those cleaned up as soon as poseeblay.

2. Going to show a few house befores and afters...mainly for our family..scroll through quickly if your eyes glaze over

Simon's kind parents and brother came all the way from the 'ta this weekend and painted a large portion of our walls. Nicest in-laws in the worrrrrld.
Kitchen before (walls were a beigey yellowy beige that matched too perfectly with the beige tile and tan counters)
so we picked out a nice shade of Neptune (or was it Caribbean?) to try and cheer the place up a bit:
 and we needed a home for this pretty print:

3. oh and for the detail of the pantry that I didn't notice until we moved in:

4. Onto Julia's cell that had formerly been painted two different shades of green (como say que?)
like I said last night...we went the trendy cinder block shade route:
 Simon made these shelves above using a tutorialio from the Just A Girl blog (which he kept calling the "Pea in a Pod blog" ... ?
 Deprived child didn't get her name above her crib but some photocopied Mother Goose nursery rhymes instead:
and Simon spray painted this mirror that used to happily live in Aunt Mary's room:

5. This afternoon, I selfishly ignored the 89 boxes labeled, "misc" that are shoved into all corners of all rooms that still need to be unpacked and pulled out my old friend the sewing machine . It has been hot hot hot here and so I took these loosely flared denims:
 cut, debaggified, rolled and took them outside to their natural habitat to give us:
long shorts or short capris
 I need to check the tag to make sure they aren't pajama jeans because fortunately they are sooo stretchy and should accommodate my baby lump for a few more weeks...

6. Nothing special about this parking lot family photo but I thought Simon's mom captured Julia's general bulldog demeanor quite well:
 Is she starting to morph from generic baby face to maybe looking a little bit like Simon?

7. I feel as though I'm forgetting a few things but Simon kindly kindly kindly took Julia out to shop for a highchair (as she now knows how to wrestle her thighs out of the Bumbo) and I have a quiet house and some empty arms to enjoy.
  I hope you have a wonderful summery weekend!

Love, Grace and company


  1. Your house is so, so very gorgeous. Beautiful. Love it!

  2. Love Julia's room! You unpacked and painted fast! Impressive.

  3. Your house is sooo charming!! It's just gorgeous! You should post more detail photos like those stained glass windows - they're awesome!

  4. PS - I feel your pain on the need to immediately change the kitchen color! Ours is a nasty color right now that I plan on painting ASAP. What is up with the mellow yellow nowadays?

  5. Oh my goodness---love that bulldog face! Oh so precious...and I swear she's grown in just 10 days. Must video chat. Tomorrow perhaps?

  6. Love that Scandinavian scowl! We are all laughing! The knife and fork...someone had a sense of humor!

  7. Love Julia's room! So pretty and classy. And that face! SO cute.

    ps: Jealous that you can pull off the jean shorts WHILST withchild.

  8. i bet simone's fam misses ya'll so much already!!!!! kitchen looks perf.



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