swess or dratch and 22 weeks

28 June 2011

Remember this dress from seven lo-o-o-o-o-ng weeks ago?
of course you do. you remember all of my masterpieces.

Well I haven't had worn it in public aside from slumber parties because it just kind of looks like pajamas.

So....I didn't exactly rectify the pj situation but I tried ...

remember these:
(changeable watch bands)

well...I followed suit with a similar cutting out the cinder block tank but keeping the belt ties intact and throwing on any old non-maternity shirt I pleased...

don't worry...I took some nice photos for your viewing pleasure:
(mirror left to right)
1. she who covers those shoulders, naturally gazes out into distance and walks into wall whilst wearing strappy skiis
2. she who shows off shoulders and right wrist any chance she gets
3. she who is so pretty

At least little J got a sweatband out of a project scrap:

and Simon tried to get a picture of the 22 week bump-o-love last night 
before I went wild in a self-serve frozen yogurt establishment...filling a bucket that outweighed and outpayed the combined buckets of the couple ahead of me in line. . .
with subpar results

we'll try again next week



  1. How are you SO tiny at 22 weeks??!! Makes me jealous. I love what you did to the dress! I don't think it looked like pjs before, but it's even better now. Very cool.

  2. I loved the dress before, but love it even more now. :) You always come up with the cutest things, I love seeing your ideas. And Julia looks adorable. :)

  3. i of my fav posts. love the skirt, really do. and you are the prettiest preg i know.



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