What I Wore Sunday

07 January 2013

1. Sebastian has been suffering from newfound Middle Child Syndrome (his portacage moved into the guest room and his car seat put in the very back seat of the van) so I thought he'd want to be my prop for the photo ... apparently not.

2. You appreciate that my hair hue matches that of my whip in the background? You better.

Hmm. I won't mince words and say I don't hate this outfit because I absolutely hate this outfit but by the time I realized how much I hated it ... the priest was probably three sentences into the homily (let that scream how tardy we were for Mass). When I was little I decided that my guardian angel was named "Susan" and that she wore business casual outfits similar to this because I was a child of the 80's and I think this (minus the poop puffer plus a blazer with thick shoulder pads) would've been a very suitable outfit for Susan's job in her corner cubicle at her desk job in NYC where she obviously worked when she wasn't on duty as my guardian angel. Don't ask ... I had a dangerous imagination, I suppose. Do you think hearing the gritty deets of other people's dreams are more or less boring than hearing the ups and downs of other people's childhood fantasies about their guardian angels? Don't answer that ... just refresh yourself on the definition of "rhetorical" instead.

Anyway, I just set the one week postpartum Mass outfit bar nice and low for the two week postpartum bar, I guess. You can't accuse What I Wore Sunday posts of not being wildly useful because now I know to never ever wear this outfit combo again. I'm not even going to insult you by listing where I purchased any of the clothing but please know how much I love these wedges ... love.

Mass Behavior Grades:
Julia - C+ (would be lower but she independently joined a prayer circle sans parents after Mass and it bordered on aaaalmost cute so ... extra credit was earned) 
Bash - F (Middle Child Syndrome flare up, I'm guessing)

And here is what I wore to Mass last Sunday many, many hours before Theodore was birthed ...
I'm guessing Julia is ticked that she is wearing glorified tights as pants and slippers as boots? You never know with her.

I can't really think of much to say about this outfit other than the fact that this Goodwill skirt was one of my first alteration projects and that I clearly did a bang up job because the hem is frayed and unraveling in the front. Please accept my sincere apology for not posting the outfit last Sunday ... we were busy walking the mall before the stores opened and then trying not tooooo frantically to find a sitter for the kids.

I've thought about my New Year's resolutions for approximately 0.00 seconds but I think I'll go ahead and throw "wear my hooves more" on the empty list because these hoof heels are short and chunky and comfy ... right up my momfit alley.

fit deets:
skirt - Goodwill
turtleneck - $5.00 rack at H&M
tights - Kohl's
boots - Kohl's 

Mass Behavior Grades:
I don't remember but I'll give them both an A- to boost their cumulative GPAs. The good Lord knows that Sebastian needs it. 

Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple ... hopefully you had your act together enough yesterday to do the same.


  1. I may have to stop reading your blog for a bit... my future postpartum self is jealous of your skinny current postpartum bod.

    Looks like Bash is realllly struggling with his newfound middle child status.

    Love both pairs of shoes... maybe a new baby gift for myself is in order.

  2. The contents of Julia's mind = the greatest novel ever written. I can just tell these things.

    Love your hair!!! I could go on and on...but then I start to sound stalkerish.


  3. I love that you always post. Every day. Even with a new baby. Thank you.

    You look great by the way (especially the hair)!

  4. Aw, I think you look cute! Your hair is always beautiful and the sweater/jacket is cozy and cute and weather-appropriate... and if you don't like it, like you said, this is why WIWS is so useful. :)

    I second what Kate said. Can't believe you manage to post every day, even with a newborn! Keep it coming, we're all so grateful you do!

  5. So nervous about who will watch Ellen. Perhaps she can Doogie Howser? Also, I happen to like outfit #1 thankyouverymuch.

  6. I got some of those wedges for Christmas (in grey) and now I am convinced I NEED them in brown. NEED. They really are so comfy. Thank GOODNESS my birthday is soon.

  7. planning on using the bachelor as a "training tool" b/c i hate exercise so much i need bad tv to motivate me to watch... hoping you'll be throwing a few comments up about it. :)

  8. as someone sitting in her corner cubicle office at her desk job in NYC, i'd say the first outfit, poop puffer included, is perfectly acceptable and even cute outfit for a business casual environment. good work. susan would be proud.

  9. I had to read the "Susan" like out loud to my husband. I'm imagining her last name is Sarandon.

  10. I sm thinking your 1 week postpartum completely knocks my 23 month postpartum out of the water. Which should indicate that I am lacking any guardian angels and that I was missed by those fashion ones. ..

  11. Your hair looks extra-gorgeous in your most recent photos.

  12. Well, I love your turtle neck. Just saying.

    1. I like both, but I was talking the chunky white one. You should love it too.

  13. So I'm a little late, but CONGRATSSSSSSSS!!!! On the little man. I love the little "teenage kitchen" phase... John said about Ellie "I can't wait until she looks different"!! I thought she was cute. Also, new blog looks cute ;)

  14. Aw, Bash is cute in the picture even if he doesn't want to be in it, lol.

    I love the shoes in both outfits! You always look like the perfect mix of fashionable and comfortable :-)

    Thanks for linking up every week, we love reading your posts!

  15. I'm glad to know that tights as pants are coming back as a wardrobe staple for children again. Some things never change.

  16. You are so cute and adorable. And your comment about your daughter's pants made me die laughing. So true, the glorified tights. We own many. mostly bright pink ones.



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