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28 January 2013

This getup looked about seventy times better in my head than it does in front of the camera and now on your computer/phone/iPad/gadget screen.  I think we'll all live but I probably won't wear this exact combo of clothing together ever again. My cheerleading skirt is actually a dress covered mostly by the chunk of knit on my top. Again .... so much better in my lively imagination.

I'm joining Anna and a whole host of other fashionable mothers for their "Mama Style Linkup" (you should too!).


My kids don't call me mama (Julia calls me Grace, Mom, or Mommycakes and Sebastian and Theo call me ............... absolutely nothing) so I felt like a liar titling my post "Mama Style". Part of the linkup fun is to tell a little bit about how one's style has changed since becoming a mom ...

I hate to admit it but I think I dress way frumpier and comfier in the trenches (at home with the kittens) and try a little bit harder when I'm out of the house among the living. Am I out to prove that stay at homers of three little kids don't have to look haggard and harried? No, I'm not a magician but I have clung to a little bit of my pride and I just don't think my housefit of over-sized moose print pajama pants paired with a nursing tank and scary mascaraless lashes is necessarily Target/Costco appropriate. Do my new favorite hooves paired with my go-to magenta jeggings smeared with unidentifiable bits of regurgitated toddler lunch look a tiny bit silly on a diaper run? Absolutely. Who cares? me .... a little bit.

I wore this outfit to Mass yesterday and Sebastian was so poorly behaved that I broke out into an actual sweat while trying to wrestle him into submission. The forehead sheen had nothing to do with my current level of physical fitness or with the fact that I was wearing a spandexy dress under a sweater along with tights that hit right at the ribcage. It was freeeeeeezing rain (hence the fancy hood) and I almost broke my neck, Julia's neck, and Sebastian's skull carrying them out to the car on the icy slick walkway (pictured above). There were very few people in attendance at Mass and I'm wondering if they were hiding behind the slippery conditions excuse? Ridic. But I did appreciate the vast back pew vacancies because I really hate slinking into the front pew during the homily.

outfit breakdown:
jacket: Forever XXI
dress: Forever XXI
sweater: Forever 63
tights: Kohl's
boots: Hunter via eBay

Mass Behavior:
Julia: D+ (she snuck to the back to wash her hair in holy water which she claimed was "doing peace")
Bash: F-
Theo: A+


  1. Nice outfit!
    You're wearing my favorite color, green.

    By the way, I came across your blog through Mama Style Link Up. Hope you can visit my blog.

  2. I'm not even a mom and my at-home wardrobe consists of whatever clothing is warmest/cleanest and a robe. I'm even fashionably lazy enough to wear my robe over an outfit I may have worn outside my humble abode. So, it might not make you feel better but I think you're doing pretty good.

    And, hey, at least no matter what you wear you always have that pretty hair of yours. I'm serious. You have nice hair.


  3. I love how you rate your kids mass behavior. I can totally relate to silly behavior - we have not had a run in with holy water... yet : )

  4. It was WWF Mass Style featuring "Basher"! There should be a reality show. LOL! Just kidding. I remember the days with my son when all I wanted to do was crawl under the pew with him his behavior was so challenging. Oy Vey! No worries Grace, you survived another Mass. Celebrate sista!!

    OK the outfit - Love the sweater! It reminds me of one of my favorites I had in high school that was from Ireland. Loved that sweater. If I wore it now I would look like a middle linebacker for a rugby team. Not so cute. But you my slender friend can pull it off. Again celebrate sista!!

    The boot totally rock. One of my favorite colors on the planet. I would have never thought to put them together, wellies, tights and dress. Now I will. I don't know what your talking about with the "cheerleading skirt"? look always.

    Have an awesome week!

  5. Clearly, I need to frequent a Forever store--there are treasures to be found! Grace, I have to force myself out of my "Notre Dame apparel just threw up on me" look to face the living too...sometimes. At home in our Irish get up, Ben and I look like we dress like twins, lol

  6. You look great, grace! I love the sweater over the dress!

  7. i like the outfit. boom.

    this grading your kids at church thing is hilarious.

  8. The grades for Mass behavior are my favorite part. I was thinking of you when my 4 year old daughter was wearing me out at Mass Sunday.

  9. Giiirrrlll your outfit was way cuter than my "bed rest" style.. Points for creativity? Ps I need to revisit forever 21 while I still cling to the last year of my 20s.

  10. Ahh, yes, our ancient tradition of "doing peace". You have a saint in the making, my friend. That said, the link up looks fun, but, like your moose pajamas, I'm sure the public doesn't want to see my daily of giraffe-spotted, extra large, pajama pants and stretched out maroon t-shirt.

  11. 1. You look great, always.
    2. If I had hair as long and pretty as yours, I would quickly grow apathetic toward my clothing in general. I have hair envy, obviously.

  12. Paul was in mass the whole time (no cry room) for the first time (in his life?) on Sunday - and it's mainly because that's the only only only time he now gets a pacifier and the kids in front of us were very entertaining to him. Oh well. I think I'll take it...I at least got to soak in the homily. I don't know where I would be without a cry room/large vestibule though...

  13. I would really like to know what Bash-Man did to earn his high marks of a F-.... Would you please humor us all and tell us the nitty gritty? Pretty Please?

    Ohh and the outfit looks good! Mine are taking a turn for the weird themselves... I can only wear the same thing so many times and I'm not very creative...

  14. One of my parents' favorite stories to tell about me is the time when they were blessing a retreat center before a retreat. I was around three and was "helping" to bless everything with Holy Water. "Bless the walls...bless the beds...bless the chairs..." After a while I got tired of this activity, looked at all the Holy Water still left in my bowl or whatever, and proclaimed: "Bless the floor!" and...water all over the floor. end scene.

  15. Do you honestly take all three kids by yourself to Mass when Simon is working? I have 3, also -- ages 4, almost 2, and 6 months. I'm not sure I could do it, but then my almost 2 year old gives us an aerobic workout every weekend, too.

  16. Because we homeschool I totally live in pj's, yoga pants, whatevs, when I don't have to leave the house. But I agree - I definitely make an effort when I go out. Especially if I am somewhere where I am encountering people (women) who might be of a higher societal echelon and who seem to always look good. Prideful much?? I think so.

  17. Oh my "doing peace". I just snorted coffee through my nose! My sinuses are awake and ready to go!!

  18. As a mother of five kids aged seven and under, I like to think that my attempts at wearing decent clothes is reclaiming some civilized living.

  19. julia is my fav. i know you may not love her washing in the holy water, but it sure is funny.

  20. Grace, you are so cute! And can we just talk a minute about your long, gorgeous legs? My Hunters swallow me, yours look amazing. I still feel like I'm 20 until I go into F21. The I feel like I am very much not 20 and the sales girls are wondering what the mom (and her 3 kids) is doing there. Buying a gift perhaps? But they have so many cute things everywhere!

  21. bash's mass behavior seems to be getting consistently worse! love your boots. i wore mine to work 2 days last week, even when it wasn't snowing/raining. judge away. also henry broke the strap on one side, does that stop me from wearing them with it flapping in the breeze? NOPE.

  22. haha oh man today's mass behavior sounds a bit hectic! I do like this outfit combo though!

  23. You look way cute but I totally know what you mean about an outfit being leagues better in your head than in reality. I think up the coolest outfits in my head and they just never seem to come to life. Let's just run away and become models.

  24. I love those wellies. I need to get a pair in a reasonable color - the ones I have are a BRIGHT hot pink. Cute, but not something that I want to wear every day.

    I'm tempted to enter this linkup. I'm a mama style novice, but it might motivate me to get out of my Hanes sweats that I have grown to love this week.

  25. Love the outfit combo! I'm a new Mama and trying to be stylish and not frumpy! So far, so good, but I'm only 4 months in. Here's hoping I can follow your lead. xo

  26. WOW Grace you look really dishy wearing your Rubber Wellingtons, I love them.

  27. I need/want a pair of these boots! Every outfit I have seen them with, I fall more in love with them!!



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