10 January 2013

1. visiting Santa
2. visiting Santa

3. Post Mass tantrums
4. are becoming a thing

5. I walked down to the basement to check on the kids
6. and I walked right back up to tend to the other (favorite) child

7. the softer side of Julia
8. my favorite side of Julia

9. take me back to the resort hospital
10. rough night

11. doing what he does best ............................ (nothing)
12. monster bebe

13. pre-Theo's birth (baby)
14. post-Theo's birth (teenager)

15. the candles are supposed to resemble a "29" or "thirteen ten" if you ask Mr. Rogers on Simon's lap
16. solo run to the sto with mom. the goodest life.

17. walked a mile. maybe less. almost died.
18. favorite parent strikes again.

Yikes. That's a whoooooole lotta Patton. I'm almost sorry.

(but!! there's more where that came from ... always)


  1. favorite: Basher's hair in the one where you're holding him.

    out walking already? color me impressed.

    aaaand now following on instagram.

  2. # 13 & 14 so so true and crazy how they triple in size over night! Glad I am not the only mom with a favorite:) Baby wins almost every time.

  3. Oh haha, we have the same kids. Just with different faces and different bodies, but holy heavens, the same huge Ileftthemalonefor3seconds mess. Theo is so tiny and I love his scrunchy newborn face. I agree about the fave, almost always the baby!

  4. look at that newborn on the carpet and his sweet tiny legs!
    Funny as always come through.

  5. Pic #17 - my shins and gluteals are aching when I see the incline on your street. Killer workout comes to mind.

  6. Look at Theo how cute he is! He has changed so much already. I love his tiny legs! And your amazing for walking a mile,...right after birth?!!

  7. I was also taken with Theo's skinny legs, I miss those. Pic #5 sums up my house, leave 2 little ones for 5 minutes and MESS.

  8. thirteen ten is the best age eva!

    Loved them all, as I always do!

  9. They're so cute! Isn't that everyone's favorite side of Julia?

  10. #6! Seriously?! He totally has that "little old man but on an ADORABLE infant" thing going for him! What a skinny mini! I never had a baby so tiny. Jealous! Keep the Patton coming! I can never get enough. Gosh. Exclamation points are really fun, aren't they?!? I'm done.

  11. I feel like I'm going to relate to #13 and #14 so much very soon....
    On another note, love all the pics. Can't get enough of your new addition ;)

  12. I am inlove with the chicken legs pic!!!

  13. Love the "post-Theo: teenager" picture and caption! He looks like a total different Basher!

  14. Julia's so sweet with Theo :)

  15. Theo looks like he is making Julia's #8 face in his # 10 pic.
    Love all the pics.
    The Simon says today were hilarious too. You are amazing, don't know how you get it all done!

    1. This is EXACTLY what I was thinking... Julia must be giving him lessons while you're not looking! :)

  16. Super cute kiddos. I must say, I miss the two year old stage. There is something so adorable about that age which I can't get enough of. 4 and 6 year olds now just have a totally different vibe, and newborns - well, I could actually eat them up too, but it took to my third one to really feel that way. :)

  17. Grace's blog, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  18. You already went on a friggin walk?!?!? You are making me look bad. I haven't even had time to properly congratulate you on adorable Theo!! Congratulations :) It only took me how many weeks?? Life with three babes is whooping me. Here's to life with three being a lazy stroll for you!!!!

  19. Grace, so cute!! I don't walk/leave the house for 2 months. seriously. You go girl.

  20. Such beautiful chaos with your little ones! I'm impressed you made it almost a mile pushing a double stroller plus one strapped to you.

  21. A double stroller AND newborn in carrier? For the love of all that is holy, send this woman her trophy/personal masseuse this instant!

  22. You inspired me to post my own 'instavida' today (which I think you should for sure coin this catchy phrase..) but I only wish I was as funny as you.. LOVE your posts and I adore your kiddos:) xo!

  23. teenage basher... It's auh-MAZING how old they look after a new one comes along!!



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