Simon Says

31 January 2013

"I'm going to take them on a power walk to get their wiggles out."

While I was watching the Bachelor Simon said (with an air of disgust), "thank goodness you have the kids around to bring your IQ up a little."

Upon hearing that most of his siblings were on Instagram Simon said, "what?! I thought that was just something housewives did."

After taking a shower and getting dressed Simon came out of the bathroom and said, "my muscles are looking a lot bigger and it is absolutely from carrying your kids around."

When he asked how I made some granola bars and I started by listing quinoa as the first ingredient Simon interrupted and said, "just stop."

When he caught me smiling mid-conversation Simon seriously said, "why the wry smile? are you undressing me with your eyes?"

(uh, no.)


  1. Baby #4 is going to wait....just a little bit longer! :)

  2. Mike almost killed me once because for three days I was sneaking fiber powder into everything I gave him. I thought I was doing him a favor. He thought it was the reason he was using the bathroom three times before lunch every day. Oops.

  3. Charlie hates it when I add pumpkin or spinach to everything... Pumpkin in chili, spinach in Mac & Cheese, pumpkin in oatmeal (not that he will eat it), Spinach in eggs, in pasta. I'll put spinach and/or pumpkin in just about anything.

    And Simon might watch out with the Undressing Comments... Things happen :)

  4. and that's why i can't trust his opinion on vine app. silly, simon.

  5. I sneak stuff into food all the time. They are none the wiser. Jim always accuses me of "using my femnine wiles to saddle him with the children". Joking, of course. Maybe. And I have to agree with Simon about the Bachelor. Sorry sweetie...!

  6. I'm already regretting deleting my Instagram account enough as is. Please don't tell me you Instagrammed those granola bars. I'm imagining the accompanying caption right now and beating my head against my desk. Why! Did! I! Delete my account!

    1. Oh amen on the deleting of the Instagram! I have few regrets, but wearing legging with stirrups in 8th grade and deleting that account are 2 of them.

  7. Top Notch, per usual!! My favorite read. :)

  8. Josh is looking at a postdoc at WashU... I'll trade you babysitting sitting breaks so we can down alcoholic beverages and share reality tv storielines!

  9. This little piggy is still laughing/cackling allllll the way home

  10. Simon, she is NOT undressing you. fact!



    em xx

  11. I love a good Simon Says! also those granola bars look awesome, were they good?!



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