7 Quick Takes

18 January 2013

Joining Jen and her flock of followers on this fine Friday. And then I'm going to alliteration cessation camp.

Cue cackling crickets.
Stopping. So sorry.

1. Let's start things off on the most pressing foot here with Mr. Bachelor Lowe himself. I'm having a hard time narrowing down a favorite girl ...
... don't ask me why.

Basically I can't handle Sarah's whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny voice, Tierra's entire personality (obviously), and everyone else is just okay. I guess Desiree might be a potentially decent Mrs. Lowe but her dress was maybe a little bit too small on their date? Or maybe I'm just jealous that she can wear black spray paint over 8% of her body and call it a dress ... I don't know. My girl, Jones, really outdid herself with this week's post. I won't admit how many times I've read it but I still literally LOL every single time. 

2. Maybe should look into hiring her because I think they're kind of struggling in the photo caption writing department ...
... or maybe my standards are just set too high.

3. Julia can't decide if there's a crapodile or an elevator on my shirt today ...
... hopefully she'll solve the mystery before bedtime.

4. After taking a quick gander at my recent Instagram pics ... it's apparent I've been favoring Julia lately and I am all about being an equal-opportunity mother so here are some clips of Sebastian doing what he does best ... dance dance dance. The boy is still holding strong with his one word, "woof" but he cuts a mean wood floor ..

to Pitbull

and Lana Del Ray 

fine ... one more for fun.

5. I'm struggling and it's only numero cinco. Here's a great banana bread recipe that I found by Googling "best banana bread recipe" (the key is to follow the comment suggestions and add rum and chocolate chips). It's normally fail-proof but I totally botched it this morning because I took it out of the oven ~20 minutes too early and apparently it doesn't take kindly to a little re-bake after it has cooled completely into a doughy disaster. So there's that.

6. I'm not letting a little undercooked dough stop me from picking out alllllllllll the chocolate chips because I just can't let 1/2 a cup of semi-sweets go to waste.

7. We've been the lucky recipients of so many sweet gifts for Theo and the big kids and I hate to play absolute favorites but I don't think I'll soon forget the sweet treat some kind folks brought over last night ...
... or maybe after we put it to good use I will forget.

Bad joke Friday.
Laughity laugh laugh.

Go see Jen for all the better givers.


  1. Tequila. I miss tequila. Mike makes the best beeritas I have ever had. I asked him yesterday if he would bring the goods and a blender into labor and delivery. He laughed. I was serious.

  2. that would be my favorite gift to. I am sure...if I actually had kids I would be more positive, but still pretty confident in going w/favorite(unless someone gave me bourbon, automatic first)

  3. The dancing FTW!!! Basher's got the moves.

  4. Dying over their dancing. For some reason my kids have just never been into dancing. My sister's kids love to cut a rug but mine? Just sort of look at me sideways and resume playing with their trains.

  5. The half-squat is my favorite dance. Katie still does that (she's three) and now that she can sort of jump, she adds one of those in there every now and then. I liked Julia's arm moves in too--very advanced. :)

  6. I will admit to knowing nothing about Bachelor/ette but this made me laugh:

  7. hilar.

    1. I love this season...LOOOOVE.
    2. totes agree...Jonesy is the bomb diggity.
    3. the cutest. cutest.
    4. also the cutest. I love baby dancing!
    5. I'm emailing you my banana bread recipe...I don't mean to brag, but it's probably better than the one you linked to
    6. same. I'd do anything for a handful of chocochips.
    7. shots o' patroooooon! do it.

    def look forward to your posts...and still can't believe that you've continued to maintain your posting rate a mere couple weeks after Theo's arrival. you're like superwoman/mom/wife or something.

  8. First of all, dancing SBass just stole my heart. Those are some killer moves.
    Also, I'm LOVING this season of the Bachelor. My new thing is to read her blog first before I watch it on Hulu. Sure it ruins some surprises but it makes it even funnier. Plus, I have Jonesy to thank for getting Ben into the show. I read him a quote that made me laugh (something about backflip girl) and he wanted to see the clip. Then it was another clip. Then this week it was the whole episode!!! My dream came true and he's finally my Bachelor Buddy.

    And lastly, on the most important note, have you ever made this?
    It. Ah. Mazing.

  9. You are the best for linking to my blog. Seriously the best. Maybe I'll send you Patron....ok it'll have to be after payday...I'm literally looking around my house for cool booze to send you and I have Miller Lite. So...just say the word and these beer from the Gods is on its way to you.

    I'm a weirdo.

    You're the best.

    bff necklaces soon? cool. see you out there.

  10. I could not agree more about Sarah's voice.

    Make. It. Stooooop.

  11. Best gift for Hannabert was a 3 month subscription to the Bacon of the Month club. Truly the best gift.

  12. Congrats on the tequila! And such a nice tequila, too! I miss Presidente Margaritas at Chili's. Odds are we wouldn't have gone to Chili's sans kidlets in the entire span of this pregnancy anyway, but the fact that if we were to go I wouldn't be able to have one makes me muy sad. So clearly I have great priorities. ;)

  13. I haven't watched an entire season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette since Deanna chose Jesse over Jason and I swore off reality TV forever(clearly, not dramatic.)but Jonesy makes me want to return.

    The helicopter picture with the flower? Died laughing. IT'S SO TRUE

  14. My friend and I each pick two ladies at the start of the Bachelor season...mark my words- Desiree and Kacie are my girls!



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