29 January 2013

 the Greats and big bad Theodore

We made a quick trip to the quad cities to visit my grandma and Simon's grandpa (and coincidentally ... Simon's mom!) and are really busy being treated like royalty. Fancy breakfasts! A king size bed! a TV with channels! OJ in a "weally wittle" glass for Julia! A dark spacious closet for Basher's cage! The list goes on and on and on. I hope you click on and enjoy these links until we get back home tomorrow ...

We are two episodes behind on Downton (and thank you, sweet internet for ruining the tragic surprise that I think I know happens in episode 4 ... that's what I get for rarely to never unplugging ...) but I'm going to try to talk/bribe/blackmail Simon into watching Sean and the Crazy Ladies so that I can e-sprint to Ashley's sure to be hysterical recap.

Remember when Jessie kindly guest posted? Welllllll ..... go congratulate her on their super exciting news ..... seriously.

And while you're in a congratulatory mood ... head over to Kelly Jo's and take a peek at brand new sweet McCartney Jo!

Bonnie is hosting the first annual Sheenazing Blogger Awards and if you're in the market to find some bigger, better, faster, stronger, everythinger blogs ... I highly recommend that you head over and check them ALL out right after you cast a generous vote in Camp Ridic's direction ... or not. Thanks a zill in advance ... either way!

Are you stuck in a blogging rut and need post ideas? I loved Rebecca's recent love/hate post and will be shamelessly copying her very soon. Wait for it.

I've loved stalking all the hosts of the Mama Style Linkup but isn't Bridget's outfit especially stellar? If you aren't a reader of her blog already .... you should be.

Ain't No Mom Jeans can post no wrong and I can't wait to carve out enough time to try some of these brilliant (dirty) hair helpers. My rapidly shedding mess of headthread needs h-e-l-p.

I get so excited when I see a new post from Hallie in my reader and if I were in the habit of printing and saving posts ... this would totally have made the cut. Really, really good.

I hope you're having a wild Tuesday.

You know she is.


  1. That is an official smile on Theo? Also, he just looks to have the softest hair...ever!

    Julia's OJ glass is amazingly awesome!

  2. I think you would like this blogger's Bachelor recaps:

  3. Keepin' it real with the shot glass. Love it!

  4. I have avoided clicking links like "Epidosode 4: A Heartbreaking Episode of Staggering Loss" so I still don't know who was lost. Would have guessed Sybil's baby except I also saw a heartwarming family Branson portrait, so I'm thinking my guess is wrong. I will find out tonight, I'm determined.

  5. Oh my gosh, the "weally widdle" glass is a shotglass. Way to start em young Grace.

    Well hey thanks, we are wayyy excited about another bebs. And I feel great! (to answer your 'gram query)

  6. I knew what was going to happen also, and I still bawled like a baby. Have some hankies ready. And I voted for you in a couple of categories. Just because I'm fan-crazy like that. Not stalking though. Not.stalking.

  7. Sigh... Downton was ruined for me too. I was two episodes behind until today. Just watch it soon (because you totally have the time, right?), cry up a storm, and move on. Also, highly approve of the shot glass. Perfection.

  8. Aww, thank for the shootout. :o) McCartney says thank you too!
    And on the Downton debacle, someone actually gave me a heads up about Downton since I'd only given birth a week ago. Let me just say THANK GOODNESS they did! I was a mess anyway - it's a hard episode to watch. But if I hadn't of gotten the heads up I'm sure I would have been even more of a wreck.

  9. J's glass is quite fitting. Make sure you keep a copy of that for her wedding or something. Was there a tiny bit of vodka in there to make her really enjoy it? Hope so! Enjoy all the extra hands with the fam!

  10. My hairdresser recently told me about nioxin shampoo. I guess it's supposed to make your hair thicker. I've never tried it for that reason, but it might help with the whole postpartum hair fun?

  11. How did Simon get so tiny and into great grandpa's lap? Because...I's a little amazing.

  12. hey thanks for the outfit love! at first i was like 'um bridge. this is the most underwhelming outfit you could've chosen.' but i think it works.

    downton. i finished season 3 and yeah, there were some tears. if anna died however I WOULD BE DONE WITH YOU DOWNTON.

  13. Oh, yes, please put the shot glass picture in your file for Julia's wedding slide show! Downton was ruined way back in the fall for me. My dad likes to read a British newspaper and forwarded me a completely unrelated article. They had a huge "RIP certain fave character" banner on their site! RUDE.

  14. Ugh, why did you link to Bridget!?! I spent way too much time stalking her blog. ; )



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