08 January 2013

I think we'll title this, "cliche".

Did you catch The Bachelor last night? I don't know even know where to start with the girls they threw at Sean so I won't but instead I'll direct you to the best Bachelor blog on the internet. Thee best. Even after I found Julia choking on her own (as opposed to someone else's) vomit during her nap (we're going to pray reeeal hard that it was an isolated incident), and Sebastian threw the mother of all tantrums and Theo nursed six times in a row before he finally went into his usual coma ... I was still cracking up. Pricelesss.

Have you heard the latest on Jen's health? Sweet baby J ... I feel terrible for her. Hallie set up an account to help out with her insane (insane!!!) medical bills. Head over and do your charitable deed for the day, week, month, year, life ... you get the photograph.

Natalie recently posted the story of how she and her husband came to be. I la-la-la-loved it so much that I'm tempted to copycat, attach Theo to his food source, and type the story of Simace (which I posted once but took down for some dumb reason). Maybe tonight circa 3 in the am ... we'll see.

We're up to 118 birth stories on the link-up. That is a lot of dilating, pushing, pitocin, and what else? Go see for yourself.

Aaaaand it sounds like someone's coughing ... hopefully there's nothing tangible accompanying hackville. Cross your fingers. Thanks.


  1. Cliche love is the best kind.

    I thought you were taking a break....YOU ARE ON A BREAK!

    Actually no complaints from me - I need my CP fix!!!!

  2. Love this picture of Simon and baby Theo! I hope that J feels better soon, poor thing. I cannot wait to read your how-we-met story.

  3. there is nothing.....NOTHING.....worse than a kid randomly hacking in another room. I immediately think "oh S*** someone has a puking disease right now and it's bout to get real up in here."

    i hope that is not the case for you guys!

  4. I don't even watch the Bachelor but I LOVE reading the recaps because they're just so full of hilarity.

    Oh and PS, I got the hair powder thing in the mail and I'm not sure how you achieve your fluffy hair. Like, I get texture and little bit of volume, but I want your hair. Tips please???????

  5. i can't wait to read the love story of simace! i read natalie's today and LOVED it as well!

    oh and SOMEONE forgot to set the DVR until 30 mins into the bachelor, but it turns out all i missed was the recap stuff i think? either way i didn't feel like i missed anything when i watched it later. i'm not sure who my favorite is yet, but there are some CRAZIES on this season, that is for sure.

  6. Joining you in praying really hard re: Julia's incident.

  7. i read natalie's story and immediately started mind-writing my own. which means it will never actually get written down in any physical format, just floating in partial bits in my grey matter.

  8. Natalie's story was so sweet! Thanks for pointing me over there. How-we-met stories are the best. On par with birth stories.

  9. That picture may be "cliche", but it's still precious! I think that's the quintessential daddy/baby shot, and I have one of all mine with their Dad!



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