"you have a beautiful daughter"

12 December 2011

"...just gorgeous!"

effusively whispered the kind lady to my left at Mass yesterday. I know she wasn't talking about Julia because she had been escorted out by Simon after literal drip drip drips of urine starting falling onto Simon's shoes. I don't know what about Sebastian's brown and blue attire and masculine features screamed beautiful, gorgeous or daughter but ... something did ... loud and proud.

c'est la vie ... gender blind folk y todo.


  1. Um, I can't begin to tell you how many old ladies called my daughter a boy when she was little. She could be in a pink dress with a bow on and she had her ears pierced and they'd say "What a handsome little guy!" I'd ignore them. Or say yeah he looks great in pink and bows, huh? Then they'd apologize! He looks NOTHING like a girl - he's a handsome little man!

  2. dyyyyyyyyying. i mean he is ALL BOY!!!

    what a cute picture. he doesnt even look like a newborn anymore! crazy!

  3. and people thought J was a boy.. this is getting so confusing, and people are getting dumber and dumber.

  4. my poor entirely clad in pink Moo gets mistaken for a boy on the regular. i guess pink is the new blue for boys?

    hmmm. one day (i hope) she will be a girl.


  5. ROFL!
    I'm adding this to my growing list of "socially unacceptable things I'm going to do all the time once I become too old to give a rip". "Calling adorable babies by the obviously wrong gender pronoun" now falls between, "fart loudly and not even bother to look around so I can pretend it wasn't me" and "call every man 'Sonny' and pat cheek- on face or butt to be decided on a case-by-case- basis".

  6. Hahaha! Poor Grace! You just can't win!

  7. Hillary Clinton, state visit to Mexico City, Mexico, in a public statement to the Archbishop: "You have a marvelous Virgin."

    Same woman? Perchance? Happy feast day!

  8. Cute little ladies, okay not so cute when it's your kid they're misgendering (not a word). Hilarious for the rest of us, because, well we've all been there!

  9. Grace! You are adorable!! I am in love with this little hunk! Love the name btw.. We were going to name Claire Sebastian if she was a he.
    Funny, we got the same comment from a fellow church-goer this week! Really? Pink socks?!

  10. An old lady at church once called my daughters boys. They were both wearing pink dresses.

  11. Hahahaha, well he does look like a little handsome fella...but cute story!

  12. this is so perfect. i'm grateful to all the strangers in your world that say so many presumptuous/inappropriate/stupid things to you so i can read about them on your blog.

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