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17 December 2011

{Julia stilllll wearing my swimsuit bottoms as a necklace ... fit pitched if I dare try and put them away ... so I indulge the weird little tyrant}

I had a Groupon to get my hair cut so I went to get it cut this morning. If I had a dime for every time the stylist suggested I cut it all off, asked how long it had been (again) since my last trim, asked why I liked wearing my hair long if I never styled it and likened my hair to dreadlocks (this is when I really almost walked out I was so mortified) ... well, I wouldn't be rich but I would maybe have enough lettuce for some nice nail polish or lip stain ... I think. I'm pretty sure I'll be put on the wall of shame for most neglected coif eva. 

Onto bigger and better
watch this ... super short, super cute and super worth it
I didn't believe what I was reading ... a mother's worst nightmare ... prayers for this family
Meg started a new blog
so funny!

hasta tarda.


  1. Um, I would give up all of my chocolate to have hair like yours. All. Of. It.
    The swimsuit necklace is hilarious. Little trend setter that one.
    And the "stickers" were awesome.

  2. I love your hair. And every time I chop mine I regret it. Especially bangs. So good job for holding strong despite those mean hairdressers! :)

  3. Never listen to them. Your hair is glorious! I just read Christine's horrible story, too. She is at the tippy top of my prayers tonight!

  4. like the new do!! i only twice a year. once before thanksgiving and again at easter. it's easier to remember and done for the holidays.

  5. my hair is long, too. also gets cut washed about...mmmm..every 3 or 4 days. I cannot find my hairbrush. Haven't been able to for a long, long, long time. I actually fixed this weekend b/c my mom and I took Gianna to The Nutcracker. It may have been the first time in months it wasn't pulled up.

  6. i love that sweater!! vere did you get it?



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