Simon Says

21 December 2011

after I weighed myself Simon cautiously asked,
" it going to be a good mood or a bad mood...?"

after I asked him if he had heard of the Elf on a Shelf phenomenon Simon replied, 
"We had a whole conversation about this! Were you hammered?"

while changing one of Sebastian's more prolific diapers Simon over shared,
"It's an ocean! And it smells like a seafood factory."

right before we left for a Christmas party Simon said,
"You look pretty! I think it's the makeup ... I'm not used to it"


  1. When I used to be in Weight Watchers, Ken would shield all the kids from my insane wrath until I got home from the weigh in. He would only let them into my presence if I'd lost that week.

    I thought I was totally zen about the whole thing.

  2. these are really good ones. he must be on his a game.

  3. hahaha, the makeup comment reminds me of Danny's comments as of late concerning the small bun I wear atop my head almost daily. Whenever I don't wear it (which is very rare) he says with enthusiasm, "Wow! I LOVE your hair like that!" I am now using it as a bribe...i.e. "If you do X, I won't wear a bun for a WHOLE week!"

  4. Zoinks- the 'hammered' comment is my fave. Hilarious!

  5. ahahhaha. simon knows you tooo well. i think i have left this exact comment before on a simon says. but it's the truff.

  6. good mood... bad mood... so funny and possibly true (at least at my house)

  7. Funny stuff! I used to have a rug just like the one in the photo. It had a tragic end ;).



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