13 December 2011

 Julia in "time out"

This weekend Simon relegated a chair for Julia to start having thirty second time outs as a reward for hitting, pinching, biting Sebastian and pulling his thinning hair. I tried putting her in the punishment chamber (said chair is facing the scary brown walled corner) yesterday after she whacked Sebastian's sleeping head with a doll's rock hard awake head. 

Como se dice backfire to the zillionth degree?
She loved her perch and I couldn't get her to leave for several minutes (years in toddler time).

Perhaps we'll have to move straight to big girl punishments. 
No more cellie, no more makeup and, no more 'candy' (fiber gummies).
No fun. 


  1. My girls won't stay in a chair, so we use their booster seats, facing the wall for timeouts. They just sit there quietly, waiting for a snack or a cup of soymilk. It doesn't work at all.

  2. Haha! Tagg loved his time outs for the first few months too. He'd sit there singing, "time out!" like it was the greatest thing ever. Now? Not so much. There's a lot of noise involved, but it isn't singing!

    But I supposed it's all about removing them from the situation anyhow, whether they enjoy it or not.

    Either way, this pic is adorable!! She is definitely enjoying herself.

  3. Haha disciplining at this age just doesn't work! I pretty much just give up and wait til they are older...which is probably not the best thing to do..good for you for trying!

  4. awww! let her out ;) for the longest time the boys thought time out was hilarious. now, they hate it and so do i because the way they carry on makes it a punishment for me.

  5. Ha ha a million times! Discipline is so fun (not) we're on number 4 around here and it's not getting any easier. Threats, bribery, solitary confinement, been there, done that. One thing I have learned is to not make any threats/ demands/ etc that you're not going to follow through on.

    "If you don't stop that right now I'm going to give all your toys to the dump!" Ya, that doesn't work.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. that picture is awesome. i love that she loves timeout

  7. What a perfect photo! She looks like she is about to ask what fun thing you have in store next.

    When we introduced time out, for the first two months it was "Do you need a time out now?" Piper gleefully replying every time, "Yeah!" Now she sits there swinging her legs and trying to make eye contact so she can smile and talk to me. Sigh.



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