I left

24 December 2011

the house ... with both children ... finally
(and no, I didn't dress Julia up for the occasion ... she hoards and hides all of her socks in an undisclosed location so she had to wear tights ... hence the dress and Dorothyjanes)

Granted, I merely made a 14 minute beeline for the hospital to see Simon in his natural habitat. Julia was in stranger heaven ... saying "hi!" to all she encountered and giddy over the attention she is clearly missing at home. It was determined by many that Sebastian is big for his age and that Julia looks just like Simon. 

Someone asked if I had been doing lots of Christmas shopping with the kids.

In a word? 

In seven words? 
are you out of your mind? no

And now I'm off to solve the ugly mystery that is ... how will we get to Mass with Simon's hellish insane awful work hours, Julia's early bedtime, Sebastian's feeding schedule and my rosy outlook on the situation?

I'll let you know ... I always do

Merry Christmas Eve


  1. Leaving the house with two kids is pretty much terrifying. It took me forever to get out with the babies, all by myself. Even now, when I'm out, all I can think is, "Don't lose one. Don't lose one. You can't blame your husband if you lose one." So yeah...super fun..LOL.

    Hope you guys are having a great Christmas eve. We just got back from a full evening of festivities, and mommy's about to pass out...which may have been caused by the standing all mass, with a toddler the size of a bulldozer in my arms because a billion people wanted to wish Jesus happy birthday..which is good...but my back's tired...ok, I'm drinking some whiskey and going to bed. Merry Christmas!

  2. Seriously, I love you, you never fail at making me laugh especially since I can always relate!!



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