14 December 2011

Now that Sebastian is a geriatric six and a half weeks old ... I should probably have my ship together and sailing ... but I don't. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I haven't braved the car and public with them alone yet and don't plan on doing so anytime soon. Why set myself up for a tragic failure? Only easy street for me. The timing was finally right to venture out of our fevered cabin ... both kids were fed, awake and in tolerable moods ... so I strapped on my former-running-now-walking shoes and we all headed out in our pajamas (plus one Santa hat {c/o Mandy} for Sebastian). The highlight for a spastic Julia was spotting an avid Cardinals fan (his Cardinals shirt, Cardinals hat, Cardinals cell phone case and Cardinals leather jacket gave him away) walking his rat-sized chihuahua on what appeared to be a piece of thread. The highlight for a winded, calves-on-fire me was when Sebastian fell asleep.  

And that is allllll the excitement to report. Hmmm...this seemed a lot more monumental at the time. Maybe you'll get lucky and tomorrow I'll write about the time I mustered the strength to defrost a frozen meal for dinner. 


  1. You slacker, you. Ha! Loving your commentary.

  2. Two are killing? No, never! At least when it's cold out its acceptable to stay in.

  3. Love this and love that you were able to brave the walk, way to go!!!

  4. Oh my gosh girl, braving a walk with them is amazing! I still don't go out with my two..haha!

  5. ha-ya'll look like SUCH happy campers...

  6. Haha! My youngest is almost 18 months old and I still rarely ever venture out in public with both kids. lol And if I do, it's almost guaranteed that one of them will throw the sweetest, most adorable (input sarcasm) fit and embarrass the heck out of me.

  7. oh, mama. i can't imagine a time when i didn't know about your blog.

    you make me snort and chuckle in ways i never knew i could.




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