Vitamin E Oil

15 December 2011

Digging deep in my shallow pockets of shallow for today's post material ... and the entire point of the post has been pretty much completely foiled and made moot by the annoying realization that my before and after (totally untouched - SAHM's honor) photos show virtually no improved difference. 
Yet ... I'm still giving my publisher the clicky go ahead. 

I've written about my neck scar before so I won't dive into that vat of interesting again but I will briefly tell you what a little wonder worker this little bottle
 has been.

For the first 1.2 years of it's life my scar was a gross, stubborn, and angry reddish purple ... 
  never to show any signs of fading until I attacked it with the oil after every shower (so, 1-2 times weekly)

Now? After a few months it's a festive hue of reddish pink which I (shockingly) prefer to angry reddish purple
 I understand if you're underwhelmed and unimpressed by the photos. I am too. I told you ... foiled and moot. 

Just trust and believe that the oil works and is cheap (five dollars for two bottles that will probably last a lifetime) and if you happen to have any nasties on your neck ... this is your worker bee. Promise.

And now to file this post under examples of: sometimes nothing is better than something.


  1. I'm not sure I've mentioned this (I'll be surprised if I haven't) but one of my closest friends had the very same thing you did right after she got married about 6 years ago. She's got the scar but you can barely see it anymore. I'm always surprised when I realize it's there now. I'm sure yours will do the same thing!

  2. I hear it's great for varicose veins, too, for all the poor women that deal with those. (I'm crossing my fingers and toes that I will never see those ugly worms on my legs although they definitely run in my family.)

  3. Definitely looks like it's working slowly but surely.

  4. i'm so glad it's working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I definitely appreciate this post. I know Vitamin E and I will become friends pretty soon. Especially since I have crazy sensetive skin and Mederma-rash doesn't sound like fun.

  6. Hi! It's been a while since this blogpost but I stumbled upon your site to see other scars and how well they fade. Inspiration of sorts. I had heart and the lower part of my scar is a bumpy, treacherous road. I take comfort that only my husband can see it but it still makes me self-conscious. I've been using the oil for old, old acne scars, bug bites, and eczema.

    One thing I have heard about that brand of VitE oil you have pictured is that it's synthetic. The clear stuff ain't real! VitE oil is usually a pale yellow, light honey color that has the consistency of a bit watered down honey. I don't know if you still use it but it would be worth the money to go to a local pharmacy (I got mine at RiteAid) and see if they have it. The oil works wonders but you have to find the right brand that doesn't have soy or some other ingredient listed first! :)

    I'm not sure if this will publish with an account but do email me if you would like. I'd love to hear how you and your scar are doing! Best of luck :)



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