oh my goodness

23 December 2011

Call me 80 but I say, "oh my goodness" about a zillion times a day, maybe more. Usually it is accompanied by some annoyed thought .. allow me to demonstrate and share ...

Oh my goodness ... Julia scaled the shelves, found and emptied an entire container of wipes ... one at a time ... again. 

Oh my goodness ... why do they both wake up and crycrycry at the exact same time every morning? e-v-e-r-y m-o-r-n-i-n-g? (to which Simon asks, " do you triage that?")

Oh my goodness ... how is it only 9:48? It was 9:46 three bleeping hours ago.

Oh my goodness ... why does Julia drop an atomic diaper bomb at the exact same frantic moment Sebastian neeeeeds to eat?

Oh my goodness ... why do we keep getting Christmas cards for the people that moved out of this house in MAY?? ... trash.

Oh my goodness ... the Backyardigans song is unbelievably annoying ... why does Julia love it SO much?

Oh my goodness ... thank goodness Netflix has a zillion episodes of the Backyardigans ... Julia loves it SO much.

Oh my goodness ... how is watching me shower so much more interesting than the Backyardigans and the large measuring cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips that I gave her?

Oh my goodness ... how long have my knee high fuggs been on the wrong feet?

Oh my goodness ... is that poop or chocolate on Julia's stomach? please be chocolate.

Oh my goodness ... how does Julia eat three cold turkey dogs in one sitting? vomburger.

Oh my goodness ... how does Sebastian plow through vats of formula so fast? (we're having some serious mothermilk supply issues ... not to be remedied by herbs, vitamins, teas or the Google ... seriously frustrating ... maybe I'll elaborate in a cheery Christmas day post ... bate that breath!)

(morning) Oh my goodness ... I should really start trying to make dinner at night. 

(evening) Oh my goodness ... I hope Simon brings home some food from the hospital cafeteria.

Oh my goodness ... I hate working out. 

Oh my goodness ... why will the postpartum poundage not budge one tenth of an ounce?!

Oh my goodness ... Grace ... stop.

*the above photo has a few options for titles:
1. feigned serenity
2. mom skunk hair
3. Punkin Chunkin -- do you watch and love Modern Family? You better. My favorite character is Cam and my favorite scene eva is this one.


  1. The only Backyardigans I can even listen to without wanting to stab something is "Race Around the World". It's the one with the kickin' zydeco soundtrack.

    And then I think that second cup of coffee is a good idea, and while I'm jittery and strung out, I find myself singing, "You gotta go go go go go/You gotta go/You know you can't go fast if you go too slow"
    and I'm back to wanting to stab things again.

  2. oh my goodness semi sweet chocolate chips. yum.
    I say "oh my gosh" allllll day. When Gianna is pretend playing with her baby dolls sometimes she just walks around saying, "ohmygosh!ohmygosh?ohmygoshhhh" I guess when/if she becomes a mother she will at least be able to perfectly display maternal dismay.

    Prayers for your milk supply...that must be frustrating :(

  3. Never fear, I am a bad milk cow. If I were on a farm, they would put me down because that is what they do to bad milking cows. I am 0-6 in the nursing department. Hopeful every time, disappointed every time my poor offspring are starving. I try every stinkin' time to nurse and every stinkin' time they look like a fish out of water begging for more food. They can do the baby sign for "more" even before I teach them out of sheer survival.

  4. I say "Oh my goodness" all the time too. Glad to hear I'm not the only one.

    And I know you've probably heard it before, but it really does get better. Someone told me once that the hardest transition with kids was from one to two. And they were so right. My first couple of months with two were BRUTAL. But I'm glad to say I'm still pretty sane and have most of my hair. You will too! :)
    Merry Christmas!

  5. oh my goodness I love your sweater!
    oh my goodness you are gorgeous/howintheheckdoyoulooksoamazingallthetime?!
    oh my goodness the post made me laugh so hard! I swear I have thought near identical thoughts to all of these at one point in time! Haha!
    I hope you all have a great Christmas Grace!

  6. Ohmygoodness I love Cam. Just watched the flash mob episode last night and almost fell off the couch in silent laugh mode when he was trying to dance along.

  7. I use oh my goodness and good gravy interchangeably, just to keep things interesting. I love Modern Family!

  8. Oh my goodness...I just put two and two together and realized who you are. Correct me if I'm wrong, but was your maiden name Seaton? Ised to be Paige Markey. We knew each other a loooong time ago. Saw your comment on my blog this afternoon, and thought I recognized you??

  9. Oh yes, and I forgot to add, "Oh my goodness, how is it that both of my toddlers crawled into the dishwasher, laid out every dish on the floor, and are now licking the door?" Seriously...

  10. I say oh my goodness and oh my gosh all the time... So much that when the youngest started talking it was one of her first phrases. she would say it so funny, too!

  11. Okay, so it has to be said: You are skinny! Please stop worrying about your weight. I've noticed this topic pop up again and again in your posts, and unless you are seriously abusing airbrush/photoshop, you are thinner than like 99% of the female population!

    I am saying this with affection and (a smidgen of) concern, not to be a jerk. Promise.

    Also, be careful about dieting as that can affect milk supply.


  12. Hey old lady! It's good to know that I'm not the only premature geriatric around here (is that an oxymoron?)

  13. I too am 80...I say "oh dear" about a billion times a day, if I'm really stunned "heavens to betsy" comes out. Green baby poop up the back gets a combo of the two.

  14. Pountage, shmoundage. You look lovely and that is one adorable baby...

  15. Oh my sounds like you have quite eventful days.
    Good luck with the milk supply, I can't imagine how frustrating that would be!

  16. LOL!!! Okay, I am a friend of your mother in law (used to work at Blessed Sacrament) and found your blog via Lindsay Boever. So funny. I have a 3mo. old baby girl and a 21mo old little boy and am cracking up, this is my day in a nutshell!! Thanks for the laugh.



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