one year and two days apart

10 December 2011

two stunning, award-worthy photos of two beauties

to the left, Sebastian today (who is still recovering from his blemish)
to the right, Julia 8 December 2010 (who even back then did not grow temple hair)

I suspect no one (including myself) will find this interesting but I am seriously procrastinating my first run/jog/waaaaaalk in a zillion weeks.
Next I will go listen to Simon and Julia argue over who is correct in the debate:
pants are called "pants" 
pants are called "shooze shooze shooze shooze"

picture perfect Saturday. 

bright toothed smile.


  1. Omgawsh this is so sweet! I can't believe you have the same fabric! And they are in matching poses! This is a great idea!! :)

  2. Gotta love the gender-neutral yellow... and are you going to get a double jogger? I am curious (for waaay later) about a fellow run(jog/waaalk)er's perspective.

    Also, PS I love the last photo in the last post. J looks like Superbaby who forgot to take her glasses off before flying away.



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