Simon Says

07 December 2011

Out of the blue
Simon said, "Are you a leeeeedle bit worried I'm going to balloon in my thirties?"
(um, no)

On why Sebastian is so bleeping fussy (since remedied ... worry not)
Simon said, "Maybe he's teething."
(again, nope)

His tactic for when Sebastian started stirring in the middle of the night 
(which would be 9:30 p.m. in our household these days)
Simon said, "just ... don't ... breathe"
(didn't work)

When I told him I had started watching episode after episode of "Felicity" on Netflix
Simon said, "oh...that one with Calista Flockhart?"


  1. HAHA! I guess it is good he isn't going to be a pediatrician. :)

    I love Felicity. Please don't cut you hair like hers. I'd cry. (ok maybe not)

  2. Goodness.gracious.

    I love Felicity. For whatever reason, whenever I need some "me" time, I youtube it...or 'rent' from the library. Is that weird?

    The same same thing happens with Alias.

  3. We've tried the "just don't breathe" trick here, too. It never works, but it's always worth a shot, right?

  4. Girl, I JUST finished Felicity on Netflix.... :)

  5. so awesome. I think Simon has the same shirt on that I altered the other day, good taste Simon!

  6. I am obsessed with Keri Russell.. don't you love her?

  7. Oh my gosh, "DON'T BREATHE!" is hiss-whispered here all. the. time.
    And it never ever works, but hope springs eternal, and we keep hiss-whispering it to each other!

  8. Seriously. People write "LOL" and I really did LOL.

    Just. Don't. Breathe. Do you know how many times we've said that? For some reason if you hold your breath you think/HOPE/PRAY/WISH they will fall back asleep.

    Scott Speedman...sigh....

  9. thanks for the morning giggles.

    also-remember clare & i watched felecity from start to finish in college. we blamed that on why we rarely made it to morning mass.

  10. What a keeper is right, Kim! Seriously, what's better than a funny guy??

  11. These are great. My husband is always saying weird random things. I know some people keep a book of all of the silly things that their kids say, but I think I need to start one for him.

  12. Ha, Simon is hilarious! 9:30 is kind of the middle of the night at our house, too. When you have two kids and they take turns getting up all night long, you kind of have to go to bed at 7, in order to get like 5 hours of sleep. lol

  13. Alexis is finally becoming a more calm and less fussy baby too (halleluiah!) but my husband suggested she might be teething too! Silly men :) And seriously, having two under two is hard enough, shouldn't the second one be easy peasy so we can deal with the shenanigans the toddlers get into??!!

  14. best post ever. when toph says stuff i just block it out. or i scrapbook it in our scrapbook of love. either way.



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