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21 April 2011

Simon has been leaving me high and dry in the "Simon Says" arena lately. . .but last night he made up for lost time when he dropped this gem in my lap as he was flossing his teeth,

"Grace, people will NOT be able to take me seriously with my SNAGGLE tooth."

hm. I feel this won't translate well from real life to the written word. I assure you he was being dead serious and I very nearly wet my pants because I was laughing so hard. He claims one of his front teeth is coming noticeably loose and dangly (it isn't) and I had a really hard time keeping a straight face while he stared at the snaggler in the mirror for several minutes.

If you didn't crack a smile...your loss. It was perhaps the funniest moment of 2011 under our roof. 

We were on a comedic roll late last night as Simon was on the phone with the realtor and I reverted back to high school, snapped this photo and sent it to him:
asking, "who am I?"

(the easy and correct answer being Julia)

he instead answered, "college grace"


but a jerk with a penchant for truth telling:

And now for the annoying parent portion of the post...
I think Julia might be getting sick for the first time in her little life
but I can't be sure.

I'll be sure to keep you posted...worry not!



  1. I nearly died laughing about snaggle tooth- mostly because Gabe actually has one that I point out ALL.THE.TIME.(ok ok ok and at college Grace comment...damn nutella)

    Poor little J. The first time they are sick is the worst....mostly on mom. Good thing her daddy is a docta!!!

  2. Grace!! So here I am checking in after a couple days...and so much has happened! A new baby AND a snaggle tooth! Many many many congratulations!!

  3. snaggle tooth was funny...would have liked to have seen a photo. the 'college grace' on was the cake taker for me.
    and wait, julia is so sick? NO bueno.

  4. I'm in the LAX airport laughing out loud at this post. Mary and I were just emailing about this very same thing. Did you think you were hot shiz like me?? No Meg, no.



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